Better Than Masks But It's Been De Platformed

Vitamin D

Yes…Sun Shine

Being Out Side…

Been Saying So All Along

They Want Us Cowering InSide
Masked and Alone


My hpothesis: Natural light is good for natural humans . Sun is bad for non natural humans, or non humans at all. (Sorry white people with skin problems. The answer for help is not on your skin. It’s in your heart)
Well good thing we got a pal like bitch gates, hes planning to block the sun.


I ConCurr …

Good hypothesis.
Interesting that Lucifer means light bringer…
Could this be the antichrist who offers light as salvation, or the appearance of light?



Can You Say

Dark Winter


It makes sense, doesn’t it…

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We are light beings. Human. HUE-MAN. Many colors.


We are, but some are not.
Now they’re saying dark matter might not exist…


I’m still not fully knowing of light matter and dark matter. But I do believe in the ying yang. A this for that. A negative and a positive. This is what binds us in the universe


Duality …Yep


And singularly is god. We may have power of god (creation/destruction) but we need each other. We are binary. We need each other.

Hence The Distancing

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What’s a baby born without the mother in a test tube? Let alone having parents of the same sex, that will mentally and psychologically mess them up. You dont have the deep connection with each other, mother and child like that with the umbilical cord. You’re not human. You’re something else.



Is Hip and Trendy

Ya Know

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Satan was the angel in charge of musical praise and he was one of the archangels so he was brighter than the rest of the lower angels. You had Michael and Lucifer (that was neither of their heavenly names ).
The AntiChrist will be an imposter messiah just like Satan is an imposter god. People that have closed their heart off to God will fall for the dog and pony show he will show.
Gates is actually gunning for the role of AntiChrist. So many satanists have done the same in the past. He is listening to luciferian description of the role of AntiChrist. That is why he is not fooling and will not fool Gods people. We know that Gates is an evil murdering heartless bastard. He cannot fulfill the role of AC because the AC will fool all but the Elect (Gods people sealed with Gods Mark)
Assy how about explaining what you meant about white people with skin problems to be sure I did not misread what you meant.


The question to ask is does God endow that man made being with a soul? I do not know but I have a gut feeling He does not. Thats a good question for our pal @ReturnofTruthdefendR

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We are trying…believe there is good out there. There is still time


The design and story of our time and manipulation of our genes is still alive to see
Do you see thier art on thier face and body? Ots chromosomes. They are telling you, there was change to the DNA.


There is good , but we are being lied to and manipulated in the most wrong way. People are fighting for humanity, others giving us ridicule and shame. It’s getting very difficult …but I do not give up
I will fight in this life and the next



Much Obligied

Brilliant Comment

What if satan was female, and the one manipulated by the serpent satan was man?
Im sure sometimes you guys say, my wife…that woman is the Devil! :joy::rofl::joy::grin: