Beware The Trojan Horse

Critical Race Theory

And Neo Marxism

America’s Un Doing


White privilege is unprovable, there’s no such thing so to suggest it’s a reality is racist and very dumb.
In a society that is 50% black and 50% white, whites will achieve more, In a society that is 50% white and 50% Asian, Asians will achieve more. the whole concept is racist.
But when all said and done it’s Satanic.


When Comparing Groups

Any Groups

Economic Status

On Any Given Any Thing

One Group Will Be Better
And One Group
Will Be Least…


An important topic for sure!

Was Dennis Prager publicly making a hyperbolic outrageous claim

Dennis Prager is the least hyperbolic person on the air.
Amazing that the left knows he is a truth teller.
PragerU has a ton of smart people to educate you.

If we don’t stand up to this tsunami of screwed up bullocks mind effing our kids then the future is bleak.


The Immediate Future

Already Is…

Time Will Tell

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Is bleak…
I (and it) stand corrected!

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talking grammar nazi…lol

I have a license to troll here…cheers

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yet you have nothing to say…again.


if you wanna get insulted back,i am more mature than that …

i can go on your stupid game forever…


Trojan horse indeed. Problem is we opened the gates for it.


You Are Correct…

Take notice what is left as christian in the moral vacuum of marxism is the Catholic pall.

They have the solution at the ready, the parochial indoctrination waiting in the wings of the stamped that chrushes real faith and really following Jesus.

Make no mistake this immoral SJW is not a zionist invention to control the world for the jewish empire , that’s smoke and mirrors

Remember what the ripper wrote on his last victim. The jews will not be blameless for nothing, that is a triple ontondré.

The jews will be blamed
The jews ( falsely so called) will do the work
The khazar Zionist.
And the popes traitors of this whole scheme will point the finger and blame the innocent jews for the sabateans zionist plot

It is genius, it is a malevolent wisdom
It is satanic to the core.

I have always given everyone the short cut to the story that is overly complex. It had me stumped for years. It cannot be calculated by a human mind. Even if you are told you are within a matrix of doubt so to not trust anything is the safest modis operandi.

That is by design.

Learning to follow a idea or thread of facts to to the end and to put faith in that logic you have assembled thread by thread and weave a pattren your own mind can bundle up in against the total onslaught


I Appreciate Your


Pretty close…lol

cheers buddy


That it reaches you cos , means much to the decendants of the Roun in America

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Ilike bible stuff,even if i have a demonic nature,i work with the goddess of nature,so to speak,thats way better,imo,i know Jesus, i think hes a moralizer rw

im an sheraph,a dragon,the reflection of the light of god im not a god im a creature.JUST LIKE YOU.

but i wish i could had been a human just one day or one hour.


Funny I can barely breath around mear humans. They neither feed them selves spiritually nor Eat God .
So like a succubus they drain me of my life, can you imagine how jesus persisted . I am one human with a spark of devine . Not everyone around me starves. Every one who drew a breath fed off of Jesus on purpose or accident

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Amen Brotha…

I Live Away…

And Rarely Leave
The Mountain

As long as someones heart aint heavy enough to drag them to hell in the afterlife im fine.