Bezos fake flight CGI see how fast AI shuts down an error


I wonder how many texans got to see the launch with their own eyes :joy:


Exactly where are the throngs of reporters and bezos suck ups witnessing this…taking pics and video. Nothing? No one? Anywhere? Pretty convenient if u wanna fake something…


I know a few people out that way that planned on watching but i haven’t checked with em yet. You might know a couple yourself and just don’t realize it

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And i did say on the close up of the capule upon touchdown, showed “bozos” in a chair, NOT moving one iota for close to 2 min
I said it looked like a mannequin


Fck thats weird…,… RRR

The planes that flew into the world trade center were CGI imagines, just imagine what they can do today…even if there in person viewing it’s fake, especially with all the chemtrails/metal they spray in the sky makes CGI images better…so I’ve read.

Believe nothing anymore, not even what you see with your own eyes.


Maybe it’s fake. So what? If I could afford going to space on a rocket, I would fake it too! Probably cheaper too so I’d save a few million.

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So… bezos shot blanks?


I do not know if he went up or not. To be honest I would not be surprised if it was faked. But the best way to get everyone to ignore you is to post on a site like “Before Its News”. Read the bottom of the page. It says anyone can contribute anything. Then read some of the crazy stories it has posted in the past. The same people that post Canadian Geese, tin pie pans and aluminum balloons as UFO are able and have posted such stuff on there.
Even a true story with proof is ignored on a spoof site.


Does everything have to be fake?..
I have 2 co workers that re located and who watched the launch in person. and they are real people…


The planes were real bro. But they couldn’t have taken down the Twin Towers, they were engineered with a direct plane strick in mind.

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I don’t like Bezos but if I had the money he does, I’d pay a bunch of people to build a rocket and send me to space. I’d also tell everyone I didn’t want on my land to fck off.

Not gonna lie, I initially thought shortly after take off that it looked like cgi, then remembered the numerous videos and personal experience with drones.

There is an industry and agenda with “everything is fake”. Matter of fact, maybe the cia director said it best.


Such a very vague statement that applies to all sides, depending on their point of view. I do believe there’s plenty of fake propaganda out there but I don’t think this is it. I’ve seen these rockets launch and their payloads transit the night sky.


he would have been strapped in so tight he would not of really been able to move, and the little movement that he would have been able to do you would not have been able to see it from the distance, also from the small port hole which you were looking through at a distance.


Nasaspaceflight independent yt channal had there own cameras for the launch

Agreed, seems like there is 50 new conspiricy theories a day these days pmsl.
I love a good conspiricy but I’m also logical.
Nasaspaceflight a independent yt channal also used there own cameras to live stream the launch too.

Yes indeed, this mission was Fake to.

WTF is GCI ?? lol

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