BIDEN BORDER CRISIS - Moment sobbing migrant boy approaches Texas border patrol

What’s a few drowned children, or sex trafficked children, or abandoned children when we have an agenda to push??? Acceptable casualties says Joe Biden…


Disposable human beings to Joe Biden.

This is what greenlighting the “COME ON THRU EVERYONE” equates to and out comes the wolves. I like how people deflect this shit by calling me a “racist” and think I don’t wanna help kids like this…I do TRUST ME, but I don’t wanna help those scumbags who he is referring to in the video. I DONT WANT THAT LIKE AROUND THE KID,OR ME,OR SHARE LIVING SPACE WITH WOLF SCUM.

Kidnappers/traffickers should be hunted down…

But still yet much more worse shit than this going on. :confounded: and WILL keep going on…but sure, play the “let them do what they want” or this…“oh let it happen”…suuuureee just let everying go… :man_shrugging:

Suuure man they say “have a heart”… :roll_eyes:

just let it happen, just let it go…

Really? Just let it go?
If I think THAT WAY, I feel like I don’t care about nobody. I’m NOT empty.

It’s NOT ABOUT skin color fools.

Feels ignorant TO THINK THEIR WAY. Feels heartless TO FEEL THEIR WAY. Feels irresponsible TO LIVE THEIR WAY. Feels shitty TO TRY TO FEEL LIKE THEM and see it from THEIR WAY.



Finish the wall…put national guard on border…and HELP THE GOOD OF THOSE PEOPLE trying to fnd a legit better life.

The (cartels/druglords) are profiteering KIDS…

Biden doesn’t care about WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM in the processes coming here and it’s like he gives a thumbs up to it. yeah yeah just make it here,and after you make it here I’ll give you a citizenship and most likely you’ll vote democrats which will solidfy our party in POWER.

Political demographics in full swing with the left’s agenda.


You know it’s amazing America sends troops all over the world to over 800 occupying bases. Yet sending the “boys” over the border to take care of the cartel problem is just out of the question. Gee I wonder why? Could it be because the cartels are intimately linked to the CIA?

Moreover get rid of the cartels, and Mexico will become one of the most amazing countries in the world! Leading to a very prosperous economic relationship with the US. But the US elites and especially the libtatds don’t need a prosperous Mexico do they, no they need charity cases and reasons to feel good about themselves.

This breaks my heart, Mexicans are good people who don’t deserve this shit. Send the boys down south I say, no wankin around either solve that shit in a month. How long would it take The American military to take out the cartels provided they actually wanted to do so. A week tops! That’s assuming they want to solve that problem of course.


The problem is that cartels pay more than the us government pays its troops ,half those bastards are ex cops and soldiers , but I fully agree , they need to be taken out but it ain’t gonna happen while America has an unquenchable thirst for drugs and an attitude of better the devil you know…

So in a nutshell it’s happening just because, no agenda it just is what it is, deep Morganna.

I believe so , I could be wrong all the same but I honestly doubt it

A plan had been put into action to bring down not just the USA but the whole world, Trump put a spanner it that plan for 4 years now he’s gone, no way was he ever going to serve another term…never was that going to be allowed to happen, we live on Satan’s Earth but he has to be enabled whether it’s by choice or by trickery, bad times ahead for all of us Morganna.

download (3).jpghorn
download (3).jpgobama
Satan’s Earth.

Trumps wall was to keep people out.
Bidens wall could be to keep people in.

Good evening rob, was that you causing chaos with the telecommunications in Oz a week ago :relaxed:

Mornin anna,
I refuse to answer that on the grounds that what I say may incriminate me.

8am here and just finished my second coffee, …RRR


hold my beer

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