Biden fingerprints on TX storm disaster

Documents revealed that the Biden administration denied TX authorization to ramp up energy output due to it exceeding emission standards. Instead TX was forced to buy energy at a 6000% increase from other grids to stay within “green” compliance and the emergency order by Biden.

Personally, I have a hard time listening to Alex and his banty rooster ego. However his group produces articles and information that is hard to find anywhere else.


Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying this all Biden’s fault. There were massive leadership failures within ERCOT, nuclear power plants and numerous energy companies.

The problem I have is TX was requesting emergency authorization a week in advance to ramp up production and prepare for the situation. Anticipating the loss of wind and other deficits.

Personally I’m totally fine with TX having it’s own grid and prefer it. Plenty of heads need to roll over the situation but I’m perfectly happy to stay separate and not invite more federal oversight.


I only posted because from what I read texas’ output isn’t federally regulated and I could be wrong but wouldn’t that mean it was up to the governors authorize an increase
Like I said I don’t know for sure

The Order reads that they had to exhaust all other options including purchasing energy at hugely inflated rates before being allowed to generate at increased emission levels.

“Consistent with good utility practice, ERCOT shall exhaust all reasonably and practically available resources, including available imports, demand response, and identified behind-the-meter generation resources selected to minimize an increase in emissions, to the extent that such resources provide support to maintain grid reliability, prior to dispatching the Specified Resources”

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Sorry must have missed the part about them having to exhaust all other options, my bad

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