Biden & His Scum The World Is Watching & Speaking Out, It Has Begun,They Can No Longer Hide In The Dark – x22 Report Ep. 2408

The World Is Watching & Speaking Out, It Has Begun,They Can No Longer Hide In The Dark – Ep. 2408 (


President Biden is currently doing the work for the Globalists, just as planned… Just as Hillary Clinton was previously planned to do… To finish taking down the USA and resetting world economies… Taking measures for population controls while destroying the livelihoods of the entire planet… As the USA falls, the rest of the world falls… With loss of incomes, destroying jobs, hampering education and stopping innovation… Using Medical Tyranny to open the door for Worldwide Communism to take over… With social distancing, mask requirements and restricting large gatherings… Soon we may all be forced to take some type of vaccine in order to travel or buy and sell the items we need… We do not know what poisons will be introduced into populations this way… We’ve been warned for many years that this was direction we were all heading… It appears that we didn’t listen or learn any of the lessons taught to us from history…

That’s why it is so disgusting that so many people were okay with our Presidential Election Fraud… Especially, from those who really know how our election was stolen… It probably does take a major election to bring more attention to this… This has been going on for a long time for lessor government positions… There will be no need for fair elections ever again as we have chosen to kneel to any installed dictatorships… It’s out in the open now and in our face… Many people have subscribed to the idea that the Constitution was just a worthless piece of paper… Our real history is to be destroyed because it is meaningless and new stories should be told… How many Patriots from various countries fought and gave up their lives to preserve their National Identities and ways of life??.. Was that all meaningless too??.. So many people are now accepting Globalism over Nationalism… No need to protect any borders as we will no longer have individual countries who represent their people… The Globalists are already controlling our Freedom Of Speech… Using banning, counter narratives, false fact checking and social media scores… We can expect this to increasingly get worse with greater penalties if we have questions or express our grievances… This process was slow and incremental before but is now speeding up… It makes me very sad that we’ve allowed these evils to progress this far… Not for me personally but for the fate of our future world if any of our Grandchildren can survive to inherit it… America and the rest of the world is not the same place it was when I was a kid growing up… I watched our personal freedoms deteriorated slowly over time and now it is speeding up…

I’ve listened to a few interviews from Dave with The X22 Report before… I can appreciate his optimism and hope for the future… Although, I think he called a few things very wrong… He seems to think he knows, the very thoughts that are inside of President Trump’s head… He thinks, he knows some of the planning of supporting Patriots and what the opposition is also planning… I sincerely hope he is right with some of it… I personally believe, we’ve allowed many evils to progress too far… I also hope, I am very wrong about that… I think it is up to our Military now to save my country and to also to save the world… I think we need a Myanmar (Burma) type of Event but on a much larger scale… Many people are starting to see where this premeditated tyranny is now heading… I just hope it’s not too late for all of us…


When you were a kid, it was a different world, and it will be a different world in a decade again. The world moves on rightly so. There are more people around every year, and it’s getting crowdy. You no longer can ignore that one have to be considerate, and appreciate your brother, sister, neighbour, black white, yellow green purple, presence. Freedom is just fine as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the community. Collective interest has priority over individual.ones. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
America is more than just Trumpeters…
Nice day !!

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I agree with some of your statements… The world is changing but not for the better… When I was a kid, we were taught the difference between right and wrong… Those rules do not seem to apply as much today… More people would stand up for right over what is blatantly evil… You do not have to be a Trump Supporter to see the directions we are all heading in the current path… Or to have an understanding of the histories that our Nations Patriots fought and died to preserve… Will you live and die as a man on your feet??.. Or do you prefer, to kneel and beg for the crumbs the Elites will reward you for your compliance??..


in the words of Donald J Trump “we’re not finished”


I am with you and hope you’re right, Brother Bobby… :+1:


From you reply you seem to be a reasonable person, so I wonder why your item header is screaming “scum” to your fellow americans that have a different idea about how the country should live together. You are living in a democracy, isn’t it? You want a democracy, isn’t it? Now it happens to be that a majority of our fellow americans voted for a change as this majority didn’t agree with the directions of Trump. It is the consequence of a democracy. so wouldn’t it be right to respect that at least for 4 years?? Than after that, you have a chance to chance the situation again, if your corner is winning. So, respect for each other in one nation, is critical to have a nation… What make you think that your democratic brothers and sisters are not patriotic? You know what is happening if a nation can’t come together as one. Look at the Roman Empire… as that is what will be happening to the USA. It is well on its way in that direction…
Sorry… if this is not what you like to hear !!

I did not create this thread or list the header with scum in the title… Are you confusing me with Mr. Pete who made up this thread??.. It is not my goal to argue with you but I will try to help you… Many people really do not understand our true history… It is has been misrepresented and changed over time… Democracy is for all other free Nations who have attempted to copy our ways… Our country was not originally founded as a Democracy… Where mob rules all… Our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic…Which allows for a Democratic Voting Process… We have a Representative Government with 3 branches… Judicial, Legislative and Executive… We also have an Electoral College… Our most sacred document The Constitution, speaks about our Republic… It does not contain Democracy in it’s wording… We have a Pledge Of Allegiance that all of us were taught to recite from grade school… We do not pledge our allegiance to the Democracy… Instead, "We Pledge Allegiance to our flag and to the Republic for which it stands."… We select our leadership that is supposed to represent our peoples wishes… We should practice our Freedom Of Speech and offer up our grievances when they fail to represent us… Also when they fail to uphold our Constitution… Operating a phony election and installing false leadership is a grievance we can all be concerned about… If it can happen here then it can happen anywhere… Effecting all elections big or small moving forward… Admittedly over time, we have strayed far away from those original ideas… We should get back to our roots that served us well in the past… Elevating our country as the beacon for hope and freedom that many other countries try to emulate… We’ve not been a perfect Nation and we’ve made mistakes but many other countries wish they were us…

As for me personally, I do not vote for a party, down Party Lines… It is not like picking a team and sticking with them whether they are in the right or in the wrong… I did have to choose and registered as a Republican in order to vote… When I cast a vote it is for the individual I feel will represent good moral standards and be beneficial for our country… All of my family strongly supported John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby who were Democrats… I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans for lessor offices… Such as, Governors, Senators or Mayors… I do not see supporting an individual candidate as a team sport… It is not a game or a team sport when the decisions made can effect so many personal lives… So it is not about choosing sides… It’s more about choosing those we believe, who will be representing us the best…

As far as bringing our Nation together, you should understand we have been infiltrated by enemies both foreign and domestic… The USA is not alone in that either… Many other countries are experiencing the same or similar problems… It is a Global infiltration and we are just the biggest target right now… If the USA falls into a form of Socialism or Communism the rest of the world will follow suit… This infiltration has corrupted our media, our politics, our major industries, our banking, our technologies, our medical systems other forms of trade and commerce… I will say, the USA has been more generous when taking in Legal Immigrants from all around the world… Those who took the right steps to become legal citizens and choose to come here for a better life… Many people will climb the walls to get into the USA… Why is that if my country is so bad??.. We are a melting pot with people from all other races, religions and backgrounds… No other country has donated as much to help other various Nations with food, supplies and resources during times of need… Most of the countries in Europe and Asia could offer a little more gratitude toward the USA… The main country that was there to back them up with support during terrible times of war and invasions… Also offering much needed help with rebuilding and clean up projects afterwards… When you need help the most, you call for the USA Military to assist you… My statements here are not intended to personally attack you… It is my wish to help you with understanding… The USA is not perfect and we have our flaws… The USA is still the best country as an example for rest of the world…


Thank you for your elaborate background views of the republic, which is appreciated. Now the point of democracy, the world knows the USA as “the largest democracy” in the world. If that is not what it is, and what you don’t want it to be, than how would you like to see it going forward. Only parties that follow the conventional conservative principles? Basically that would mean a one party rule, right?

For me, I am Dutch, and I certainly do not agree with you that the USA is still the best country as an example, certainly not for Europe… I prefer 1000x times better to live in Europe, where we have collectively a much higher living standard than for the mass in the USA. In our world here, we value collective GDP of happiness above the one of individualistic GDP of wealth. I am a business men of 77 years of age, still rolling and taking care of my own income. Our health system is great, I can’t see that in the USA. If one is unfortunate there, and lands in a hospital for longer time, one may have to sell all his belongings to pay huge bills of privately owned hospitals, where stockholder value is more important than the health of patients, rich or poor.
People who have little belongings end up in a carton box around the corner.
So, how great is your country? Looking at all things that matter to ALL your fellow Americans ?? That’s why you have fellow Americans that do not want the system that you insist on, and they find probably outdated. Sorry.

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I appreciate your views but we do not agree on many things… As I stated earlier, the USA is not perfect but a lot of people certainly try to get here for some reason… From all over the world they want to become a USA Citizen… They will even climb over a barrier wall to try to get here… So we must have done some things right… I can not personally help them all but I currently sponsor and help feed a poor family from the Philippines… Any one of those family members would do anything for the chance to come here… Most of us do have biased views but what are those views based on??.. It is Media that tells us what to think and how to feel about it… The Media has spun narratives not only here but all over the world… Very often the media is the problem with all the propaganda they offer us to digest… We stopped kneeling to a King a very long time ago… We were the first and preferred to form a new and different style of government that has been the example of many European Nations… However, it was a Representative Constitutional Republic that our country was founded on… It was not mob rules all… You are absolutely right about our current health care though… Our treatments and medicines are far more expensive than most places within the rest of the world… We once had a President who told many UN Nations they should pay their fair share if they desire our continued support to protect their countries, their families and their livelihoods… The same President said, we need to be fair with our trade deals… As they were taking advantage of USA generosity and not giving back with enough appreciation… A large portion of the world has become prosperous, where it is today because of the support of the USA… If your country gets involved in a kinetic war, who will you call to bail you out again??.. It will more than likely, be our young men shedding their blood along with yours… If you were to study history without all the Media Bias you may find yourself with a little more appreciation… If you have a good economy now it is because you had help… Be grateful for that…

So we just allow corruption and most likely satanism to be then?

Go get your jab…you plum.

Again thank you for your kind reaction.
We are still very grateful for the Marshall help we got from the USA after WWII…That hasn’t been without self interest though, as to build economies you need strong partners not weak ones.
The fact that Europe still relies far too much on the USA for several issues, is what I personally totally disagree with. Europe should become self sufficient in all aspects, also being able to stand up against other powers such as Russia, if it was needed. To be the underdog for too long with America is not a good position for Europe to be in, as it make us dependent on what America’s interests are, and with which we have different opinions
So for me, we should have the USE, which should be able to be a world power aside the USA.
For a super power in the world, USA will have to accept that China is developing at MAG 5, and the USA at Mag -5. Europe at MAG - 10.
So my hint to you before is that the USA, if keeping divided as it is now, talking already about splitting North from South, it is an empire in deterioration, and will fall apart in few decades or so.

Imagine, that how the outside world is looking the the USA now.
4 years no stability in their internal affairs, no stability in their foreign affairs.
The disaster of DT, loosing all respect of the world, now it is Biden, with the hope foreign relations can be restored, but with in our back of our minds that in 4 years time, this could be upside down again. That is stifling and crippling any serious future relationship.
I am sorry but the harm DT has done to the outside USA world is immense.
You see the world actually is a small village. If one farts in NewYork it is known in 2 seconds in Tokyo, Amsterdam. We are global villagers, and the time that one could live a slogan MAGA, is against all odds. As if one want to create that situation, it has to ignore and give up its presence in the world, as all aspects of human kind are interrelated.
To get a better world we need more cooperation to achieve a worldwide common goal, that is to get better lives for all, not just the happy few.
Yes, that will lead to less prosperity for the wealthy, but a huge step forward for the very poor. You know well, it is better feeling to give and share, than to get something from others all the time.
Thank you for your kind attention…

I got one thing to say to you Mr. GeosAllen, That election was crooked fraud & you know it, if you go along with that crooked (Scum) no good for nothing SOB that’s in the Studio In Hollywood doing His so called Executive orders, you are no different then the fraudulent ****terd that is in there, so if you want Communism get your ass over to China & enjoy it…


Thank you for your kind respectful reaction.
Such a reaction, is quite normal for guys like you, DT friends. You all learned to scream and lie from him, your great Führer, isn’t it?
Please spit your anger on your fellow bros and sis in the USA, and help to get the country to fall apart earlier. Good luck

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No, nobody should allow that. But that is done by who? Certainly nothing to do with the democrats. How about Epstein, was he a democrat or just a GOP republican. Conspiracy is not helping your country ahead but laugh at.
As I wrote before in this item, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. This time you loose your Führer, and you have to accept that in a democracy. If not just start a civil war, for separation and your **ununited USA **empire will disappear, as has happened in history over and over again. Best wishes

He believes that Biden is acting president from a Movie studio in LA, he believes that arrests are being done and that DT will be elected as the 19th president of the Republic on the 4th of March, his delusions are impossible to fix at this moment, you are wasting your energy and you are far too educated, next reply you will get is that you are a stupid ignorant…thats usually how it goes when you try to chat with proper manners…

There he is!!!

Where ya been man!?

Sleepyjoe, Morgana, and you have all been missed quite a bit!!

We thought it was funny that y’all “disappeared” around the same time.

Mklp316 is right, you don’t have to support a damn thing to see whats going on here.

As for you Mario, it’s nice to see you out n’ about :kiss:

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Very fine investigative work sherlock. :+1:
Nobody can hide you anything…most importantly i can see the persecution complex…

Savior complex indeed, something that I’m we’ll aware of and saying no to.

Like saving yer lies, won’t do it.

Yes sir, it’s a mighty fine day knowing we got to speak for a moment.

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