Biden’s AG Pick Refuses to Say if Illegally Crossing Border is a Crime


Prohibited by law.

Apparently very difficult for Biden’s AG to determine if illegal means crime.


At the start of his five-minute window for questions, Hawley asked Garland if believed “illegal entry” into the United States should remain a crime.

“I haven’t thought about that question. I just haven’t thought about that question,” Garland said in response.

It is a crime if he hasn’t thought about it then he hasn’t thought about changing that.

“Apparently very difficult for Biden’s AG to determine if illegal means crime.”

Nobody asked if him if he thought crossing the border illegally was a crime nor did he say he was unsure if it was

And if he believes it shouldn’t than he’s an open borders kalergi plan supporting globalist.

He was asked if thought UT should remain legal not if thought It was legal

If he can’t answer the question whether illegal entry into the United States should remain illegal then he’s an open borders kalergi plan supporting globalist… and you as always are an apologist.

He said he hasn’t thought about if i read somewhere that he wants to make it legal ill happily agree you

“No borders, no wall, no usa at all.” —Antifa

and apparently Biden’s AG agrees.


I never thought about whether or not the sun would come up today does that mean I think it shouldn’t

How long does it take someone to think about the question of whether illegal entry into the US should remain illegal?

About 1 second if you’re not a kalergi plan supporting globalist… unless of course you don’t want to answer because you believe it shouldn’t be illegal but you’re not the AG yet so… best to keep quiet about it.

It’s a ridiculous question maybe it caught him off guard

You’re right and anyone without intentions of making it legal would have been able to answer it immediately.

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He did, said he hadn’t thought about it. if you would like to interpret that as him saying he had thought about it and wants to make it legal you’re free to do so

takes one second to say it should remain a crime unless you plan to open up the borders.

period… you need no time to ‘think about it’…

you’re a kalergi plan supporting apologist…

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Did you guys just start filling you Gov positions with displaced seniors?

I said my piece, have a good one

That has been a main topic of concern for our country since it was founded… Invasion and infiltration from foreign actors who could potentially bring harm to our citizens and our country… Most especially, in the last 4 plus years with large gangs of people crossing, all at once… That is why President Trump wanted to strengthen our border walls… To protect our Nation… Without borders, we do not have a country… This man’s wishy-washy response to this simple question seems to indicate he is open to the idea of the strain of resources for our country that will lead to reducing us to third world status… An excellent AG pick from China Joe…


Gee, I don’t know, are you about to receive one of the most powerful positions in the most powerful government in the world? If so, and the sun was under your purview, I’d think you would have thought about it. I can appreciate a little devil’s advocate, but you just seem intentionally naive and ignorant.

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Border security is ridiculous? No brah, you are ridiculous.

Plenty of ammo, if I catch ANYONE on my property…

Hope they can read English, all I’ll say.

It’s not me who needs protection…it’s them. Don’t come stealing,wanting,or bumming off me or THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT IT’LL BE THAT EASY…

I shoot first, ask questions later.


I never asked anyone to come around me “wanting something”…so


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why dont we just circle back to you

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