Bill Gates and George Soros Form Organization Tasked with Policing 'Disinformation'

Yep Sorros & Gates Approved material, lol


Kill Both , Now!


So…just because two non-profit organizations that happened to be funded by both individuals granted money to the Aspen institute doesn’t exactly mean the intentions of both individuals are aligned…
Most likely what it means is they are huge non-profits and they generate a good deal of cash annually through various investments…of which in order to keep their non-profit status they have to give away a specific % of that profit annually…

When you have billions upon billions of dollars invested you can generate hundreds of millions each year…then you have to give away a large % of that… so…it is very likely that you will get many non-profits started by people with completely different views on society, politics, and the like granting money to the same non-profit.

Yeah… there could be a conspiracy…or it could just be because there might not be enough “good to reasonable non-profits” out there and so there is a high % chance that you will see overlap.

Frankly…Bill Gates could have created a “Google-like” company a long time ago…where politics drives the company… but Bill just never did it that way… and actually Microsoft fought the whole “unlocking phones for governments to spy” issue so much they just pulled out of the market space instead of giving in to government demands (this happened during Obama’s term between 2010-2012).

Interesting both non-profits started by these two individuals funded this organization… but very likely there is “no there…there”.

These profiteers and idealogues are making our lives harder. We will have to address it.
Eugenics is a movement and China is at our back door.
Meanwhile we turn our backs on homeless children (ours and others).


yea, they both have good intentions for you…

no conspiracy here, they are looking to dominate the information so you cant say anything bad about them.

but cover for the criminals more if you need to.


“We must create a goon squad because they’re not believing our lies anymore.” --Gates


Hahahaha yea ok

this is exactly why open source software and decentralized platforms are critical to the survival of actual facts. moving away from using big tech software and platforms allows users to have more control over what information they are unknowingly sharing as well as giving users the power to control their content.

i’m so tired of hearing all these p_ssies bitching about twitter and youtube accounts being deleted or banned every day when there are many new and better platforms out there now. the answer can’t be any more clear, STOP USING THE ENEMIES’ PRODUCTS!!!

microsoft and google don’t run the internet contrary to what most people may think. short of completely rebuilding the entire internet with built in censorship parameters they will all be behind the curve when it comes to censorship. VPNs and TOR are just two examples of how non-tech agencies will always fail.



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Se que desde bastante años atrás, hay mas de 12.000 haquers que trabaja
en la sombra, para desinformar y borrar datos en la red de redes y ya se entiende quien los pagan…
Estos “señores” tiene una organización bien estructurada, privada y de un inmenso poder y control; encima se pregunta mucha gente; como es posible este poder de la sobra que tenga tanto control.?¿

Es muy simple, el dinero hace todo aparte de que estos “señores” pertenecen a organizaciones privadas, sin ningún control por parte del estado; como los archi conocidos Illuminatis, Masones y la lista si me pongo a rellenarla, pues me falta un “DINA4” por ambas caras y temo que me faltaría uno o 2 folio mas sin ningún tipo de dudas.

Estas sectas…, engloban gente de mucho poder financiero aparte de los Bancos privados, entonces el caldo de cultivo de estas personas esta aquí, nada me sorprende ni me impresiona a esta altura.

Cuando nosotros la humanidad, hemos dado “poder al poder” sin ningún control por parte del estado y sobre todo la población en si, desde miles de años. Entonces porque lloráis y os sorprende el control férreo de estas organizaciones privadas y muchas de ellas secretas, que realmente y sin ningún tipo de exageración, tapan muchas lagrimas si se supiera con que se ocupa deverdad y de que modo y como se financian, sin ningún tipo de pudor asía a la población en general… No hay que sorprenderse, sino actuar legalmente con la leyes en mano contra estafadores y mafiosos…!¡

If people weren’t so stupid we wouldn’t be in this mess . How come 2 evil bastards tell us how to live what to eat what to drink or to stay home ? People are not only stupid but morons chasing after money killing them selfs working while these bastard ride us for their entertainment. If people weren’t so dumb stupid idoits morons we would not be in this mess . So whats the solution to this problem that we face today ? Their is none as people wont even realize what hit them . We are literally walking threw a slaughter house like a herd of zombies and with in the herd some are away but are stuck in the middle forced to walk to wards the blades .

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Gates and Soros already own over half the MSM via large cash injections in the form of grants. They also have control of most social media via there pals who own them and also have control of most of the so called Factcheckers online. So wgy not take over completely and start a new arm of pire propaganda ti try to convince the masses that by their sacrifices (take our vax’n’die) its all for the greater good.


So let’s see…
I am guessing anyone who owns more than 1 billion is part of the NWO conspiracy?

Because…relative to Bill Gates…(Soros is a monsters and everyone has known that since the 1940’s)…most everyone with money has contributed to some group that has done harm to this planet or the people on it…

Then you have all of the people who just get paid by said people…and make a living…so…they too must be evil criminals…because you know…knowing about a crime and not stepping forward is just as bad…or even worse…helping said “evil criminal” to make even more money (contributing to their ability to do their evil deeds)…this includes anyone who accepted money from someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet… and you know the people who are friends or family of the people who supported people like Bill they too must be evil…surely their friends or family must have talked about such evil deeds…

So…let’s just say anyone who is worth over 500 million, their friends, family, and people who worked for them are all guilty…which when you start doing the numbers…we should put like 50% of the planet in jail.

no hablo espanol, mucho gracias. Welcome and enjoy the craic … :beers: