Bill Gates is a Threat to Humanity

Bill Gates

Evil Twerp
Soulless Clone

Megalomaniac POS

Using His Wealth
To Change The World

Enslavement For The Masses



I hear his wife might be played by Kevin Kline! I also seen that clip of him getting pied in the face 3 times and found good therapy laughing at that. This guy… the world would have more oxygen to go around if he just left.


Study Eugenics and you will see what the Gates family is all about. Many believe that Gates Father was the impetus behind the Georgia Guide Stones… They are certainly luciferian and most likely to go any further up the chain you would have to go to the top of the pyramid to the Rothschilds.


Omg! You’re right! Looks just like her/him…

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We all know what Billy G controls with his money, I would like to know who controls him and all other public puppets that move in unison whatever the subject.

He’s Pretty High Up
The Pyramid

Along With Soros…


Or An UnKnown Between…

Don’t know, somehow I think all of them are order takers, highly placed yes but not independent at all.

Well a Good Assumption
Of Where Rothschild
Gets His Orders… …

Maybe this guy?


At some point in time The AntiChrist will step out and assume control of them but at the moment its the Rothschilds. Rothschilds are good at making it confusing which one of them is actually the leader of the Luciferian Family. Below that you will find Gates/Soros on global and individual leaders in various geographic areas.

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Any ONE, in this case Bill

That calls a group of people, “excess population” is truly indeed evil to the core!

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