Black Man Live Streams Rape and Murder of Two White Girls.... Media Silent

CBS Reported ‘The Man Accused of Killing Two Females’

If it were a white guy who raped and killed two black girls I wonder if they would have identified the race of those involved… errr no wait… I don’t have to wonder.


This will be a footnote because it doesn’t fit any social reform except he is a murderer and that’s it.

Move along folks nothing to see here.

However when that pendulum swings back with a vengeance - don’t ask why.


TommyRobinson on Gab. I totally agree…totally!
Roberto J. Rodriguez

Of course the media doesn’t want to cover this…no one should be surprised by this anymore…it has been happening for about a decade (and change) at this point.

Yes…it is 100% gross what the “deep state” news media is pumping out to everyone now days…and is why I no longer watch any news media sources…I might read an article…but I try to limit my time on any one particular site as I don’t want to give them any more $$ than they already have…

We were heading in a good direction right around 2006-2008…then all of the sudden…it all went sideways…the politically correct language concept was given steroids and then we started hearing this “whiteness” thing… all thanks to that SUPER AWESOME Obama Administration!!!

Hope and Change… You can hope they won’t take your country from you, but if you look at what they were changing…that is what they were doing!


After the trial, please allow me to execute him live streaming. 100 million whites would watch. That way they could be a racist without any one knowing.

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Dear God let what happens to him be public and swift and without mercy or hesitation.

Let him be judged as a white man by the rules of the bible , an eye for an eye.

If his family created this monster we ask for your judgement there , trusting the Lord and his judgements in the lord’s timming

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is it time to start WLM and loot burn riot destroy assault with full support of kamla harris?


So now you just post anything and give fake context to it? Of course. This man, brother of a rapper, killed two women he thought to be working for a drug dealer because he thought his brother was trying to set him up and get him killed. As messed up as the situation was, he didn’t rape them and neither was it random. If you dig a little deeper you would have found that info yourself instead of just grabbing links and lying about what happened. Before the video of him talking after the girls were killed, you can tell that he was suffering a psychotic episode, rambling incoherently. Where is the info of him supposedly raping them or did you just add that in for filler?


By kamala you mean conrad O bammy bin sotero

hahahaha…oh lardy lardy lard…you went there… :rofl:

You can’t blame him for thinking he was doing nothing wrong when you consider the current climate.

I stopped digging, it’s not worth my time. They are white girls killed by black community is all we care about , call it white privilege or racism

White people call it statistics, that’s why they don’t tell the race in the news anymore. Because white folk just keeping track.

As if we need permission to notice, as a man of color this should more than I.
It is the integrity of your american ( not african) people. And their homicidal tendency resembles the worst of white trash biker types. Nothing to defend here .

No excuses, no just nnnnnnnoooooo

The stats must change before real equality.
And there is no retoric ,no excuses, no marches, no BLM. Because if white lives don’t matter then the gloves are off. It’s just survival.

That’s not white supremacy, thAts rational white defence. Blaming white people is the last thing you want to do. That’s what your zionist masters of the black race want you to do.

And you know the best defence.

What do you think will happen when gun toting rednecks feel endangered.

And that worthless f Obama is behind it all will be thier one thought in their 92 IQ heads.

People like me won’t stop them, I’m looking to defend my home from the hords. Worrying about thugs is pointless.

In that light they are pointless for you to defend, we, you and I got bigger shit to worry about. Let the wenches and the thugs die, it ain’t our problem.

We can drink coffee and agree there is nefarious shit goin on, and we will look past this unpleasant shit to form a game plan of unity and respect the right way. Then I will remember my obligation to black men as a duty. As it has been in the past for me and my family , and will be in the future. A duty God assigned me, no sit in or March had to convince me.

You are men I’m obliged to stand in the defence of all good men. That is the crux.

And that’s how it should be. I don’t care about treyvon ,furgeson’s michæl brown.

Instead let’s talk about the death of Applewhite in NMexico. That’s real

Black woman. Gets killed when the cops come for her thug baby daddy ( briana ) why should we have unity and synchronicity.

Wee need common ground, common cause.
What white people are given is the crap blame for the globalist actions. We.are all about saying f that


I loook at killers and thugs as all the same. I look at pedo’s all the same. All disgusting. This narrative that Wislr, and others of his ilk constantly try to point out is a lame one. When black crime is brought up in the media, it’s thugs and hoodlums. When white crime is brought up, it’s oh, he was such a good person, something must have triggered him. People hate race talk but unknowingly play their part in as a stooge. He hates black card being brought up, or the feeling that white men/women are being targeted in some clandestine plan, yet always talks black people this, black people that. His insecurities are sickening. I could sit here all day and bring up stats that show exactly who most of the pedo’s are, most of the psychotic mass murderers are and I’d be accused of “hating whitey”. People should be tired of playing these silly games.

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So this is another reason why Black Lives Matter?

Naw same stuff with trévon

White rich people get away with crap just like the juice. It’s the color of green.

You gotta stop watching TV, it will make you crazy.

How did hilary get away, how did the Penitta’s

Trump been getting away all his life he was Epstine a friend.

They are players on a stage and the more folks like them the more they are in our face.

The end of black slavery, enslaved the world

Them people only know slavery makes them big money.

We are seeing the cull, of us all

Either we serve the beast or they are gonna slay us, hell they even have black pastors telling every body black and white to take the death vaccines.

We are men of independant intelect ,.
Shawn I ran growing up in watts ,and inglewood and cudahy, I did not run compton.
It was not safe for mexicans or whites anywhere near compton in 1970:

It is racially divided by poverty by money

When white people are confronted by the same social pressure they become thieves and murderers.

I just watched a program with a white guy who said as much yesterday

About isolation and poverty

This is about a hour and half from my house
That’s a close neibor in the desert.

There is a big red haired man talking about being thug.

I don’t allow the thugs round me to prevail, if they are meth addicts, heroin addicts, men women . I help them but I expect them to fly right. In my opinion, expecting black behaviour to change must come from the black community.

When I have problems with black folk here, I have a black friend, mexicans I have two mexican friends . Men of stature, respected men. I am part of a collection ,a corus.

Some answer like this is gonna change the world. But it will be from the bottom up not the top down


I think you missed the actually point of the post shawn which was ‘media silent’ because of the races involved.

Instead you engaged in tribal apologetics.

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And you started off with the color of the man and a lie of him raping them. You’re not as intelligent as you’d like to think of yourself Wis…

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I titled the article the exact same way the msm would have titled it had the races been reversed. Thats what your not understanding about the point of the post. Also the first link of this post is reporting it as a rape murder not that you investigated the first link. If its wrong Im sure theyll issue a retraction.

As for pedos and mass murders being white. Does that mean you determined they werent white latinos or jews or did you just see color?

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Bro you can have this argument. You hate race cards being pulled, yet you always pull them by saying that the msm(mostly controlled by whites, regardless of ethnicity) and cabal(again controlled by people who have white/pink complexions) are after you, white people. Let me as a black person say half the shit you are and you’d call me delusional for only thinking about myself. You’d then bring up how other whites like Irish and the such and then say it’s not about race. You’re a walking contradiction. Later bruh, you can keep trying to make your case to prove your theory all while ignoring those that try to do the same themselves. It’s boring and one sided with you…