Black Mob Brutally Attacks Asian-American Uber Driver And Two White Girls – No Media Outrage, YouTube Censors The Video

“Last night May 9th at around 2:50 AM on High Street in front of The Bank in Morgantown, West Virginia, I was attacked by a mob. I am a Uber driver and they were going after one of my passengers. One person opened my driver side door and threw several punches at me. Another person tried to rip off the door of my car and another person kicked a large dent into one of my car side panels. Now the rear door is misaligned and makes a loud cracking sound when opened, ” Uber driver Vincent Kang wrote in a GoFundMe for his damaged vehicle.

This is what we’ve heard from the mainstream media.

But not one reported the fact that the attack was a racist attack as the mob that attacked him and his passengers were formed by Blacks.

New videos resurfaced on Twitter today as YouTube deleted every video from the incident of its platform.

In the video, there is a large black mob that attacks the Asian-American Uber driver and his two white passengers.


Looks like there were a few people trying to assist the victims… At least, the whole mob was not a bunch of rabid animals…

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Where will liberals run to and where will liberals hide?

This is why people should carry a gun and most importantly, practice with it!


animals and cowards is what im seeing.

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Anyone know what was the cause of this ? Or was it nothing just like most things these days .

Violent retarded shits.

nothing more…

People need to start carrying guns EVERYWHERE they go.

Telling you………

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