BLM demands black only cities

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Wtf is Atlanta? It’s already done


What about Detroit, then I demand white only cities they are not allowed in, damn starting a stupid war between races for nothing except they think the whites have screwed them and that we are the problem, I will build the city in Africa.

Wait a minute, isn’t that segregation?


BLM still hasn’t figured out,that one of them stole a couple million for houses…duh…they want their own city ?:laughing::laughing::laughing:…they can’t run their own organization :fu:t6:

Exactly. Like back to the future in some weird way. Shows how irrationalism is the order of the day in these times.

I would love to see a black cess, er, city! They can’t police or rationally govern themselves in the fractured state their in now. How long would a city last with no-one really working, everyone looking for free money and handouts, no police. If someone has a business how are they going to stay in business with people looting, vandalizing and rioting every so often? But first you’d have to give them or build them a existing city and promise them great things to move there see they couldn’t build one on they’re own even if being given money, free money, they’d blow it on bling bling and super cool rides to impress the hood.

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And if they did do this, the ones on the ground floor will be the hustlers, pimps & dealers!

Thats a simple fact! … the crooks will be in to control things from the ground up and maybe then folk will realise that corruption has no race!

First thing I thought was we already have those.

They have them, they’re called prisons.

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