BOOM! Gen. Mike Flynn Drops Powerful Video


Will somebody please just bring something to fruition for once?


When was this vid taken? Looks that is from before January 6th 2021


Article came out yesterday. It’s new

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LOL I feel it brother man. Patience. Audits are underway


I wish but im with @MrNice
sadly im not holding my breath, they love to build us up then deflate us emotionally, mentally, & psychologically all the times.

It is a great psyop way to break down a human being and destroy hope i bet?


There is going to be a series of really shitty events prior to the reinstatement of Potus
Get ready for a wild ride the up and coming solar eclipse will be the gate of things to come
Its about to get wild


more hype then anything sadly - good luck getting Biden out of power

Hell yeah if you’ve been following what’s happening… I’m with Disco on this one


In retrospect I think this video is faked. If you pause it on the 1:16 mark there is a glitch that says a tweet was posted. Also at the end of video a Q drop is seen. Deep fake? I’m really surprised Gateway Pundit published this and referenced General Flynn.

Word on the street is the E.U. financial market will fall to its knees later this week or early next week
Russia has pulled itself off the Swift fimancial system and is using gold backed currencies
Losing Russia was a blow that could very well topple the whole thing


Another video from what website? Nothing plausible just more of the same waffle. Oh yes the swamp did that and oh yes the swamp did that… same crap we’ve been hearing from trump and the whole qanon nonsense for 2 years with absolutely no action at all. Just more empty words of oh this is coming thats coming… and it never ever does.


Let it topple. I hope the whole damm mess implodes. When they threatene to shut down the guberment I rejoice and wish it would be permanent.

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Takes time, especially dealing with a global cabal of this magnitude. I do understand the cynicism though, believe me.

Trump is all part of it. World leaders are not elected they are carefully selected. You can’t be a prime minister or president if you are not part of the elite.
It has been this way for centuries. They control who is allowed to earn money and become powerful. Always have and always will.


Yes that could be true… except Trump really wasn’t supposed to win in 2016. Through Obamas term, they were creating an all powerful state, which then trump got ahold of. It freaked them out & that’s why the media attacked him the way they did. Yes, our elections have been rigged for quite some time… but this time around, THEY GOT CAUGHT! Covid wasn’t supposed to happen till around 2050, but because of Trump, they had no choice. They rushed it & because of that, they’ve been screwing up big time. Gotta keep in mind, Trump didn’t make MAGA, MAGA made Trump. It’s not so much about him anymore, as it is about the populist/nationlist movement.


They already filed them & its now under way.

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BQQMs in bound
Look at all the cyber-attacks today
Plus the IRS wants to classify certain cryptos as currency
This happens and coin cryptos like Bitcoin in go buh-bye
Bye bye like 0$

And then [they] can’t use them to launder money or by baby slaves anymore

None of it matters its all for show. All to keep your mind occupied. None of it matters.
All you see is what they want you to see.

Divide and rule. Just like the British, American people following a political figurehead are all being taken for fools.

He is just another puppet of the elite. They have always planned things years in advance and will continue to do so. It has been this way for at least two centuries.
A rich powerful individual sends forces to occupy colonise and enslave its people and then they use a political system to subdue its people to control.
While people wait and wait for someone to save them, the rest of the people continue to suffer even more whilst these wealthy people like trump are living a lavish life with mansions, estates in other countries never knowing what it means to be part of a society where poor people become poorer and people die of starvation and other bad issues caused by a society being made worse while others continue to sit around doing nothing but being glued to a screen of some sorts cheering on a corrupt rich person that are playing with your physiological well being whilst causing others to die.