BOOM! Gen. Mike Flynn Drops Powerful Video

I agree completely.

This Bank of America mural supposedly shows a young Trump as an acolyte. Much of his major moves/accomplishments have paralleled celestial events. I voted for him, but I don’t even believe him to be the lesser of two evils now. He’s been the master of one of the world’s most impressive psyops ever. He’s also responsible for Operation Warp Speed and has advocated for getting vaxxed. Definitely a damn sight better seeming than Biden and his crew. But I don’t believe that when he takes office, and he will, that it will be like before, better than before, or even simply better than it is right now. Gas prices might go down tho.


False look at JFK

Sure they are part of a system, but not all that system is evil.


Family history, his father or grandfather dies of disease, which is why he is germophobe. I think hes been duped with the vaxx stuff, but who knows.

I look for someone better then trump, someone of more action, but at least Trump is for America, and that is not in big supply these days in American politics.

Where did you see that was a young Trump in the picture?! - because its a young mason


Just a thought but if Biden is removed from office (doubtful) then Harris takes over. And if they remove her? President Pelosi? I doubt trump can just walk right back in. Maybe run again but by that point he’ll probably be independent. Either way, I doubt trump will be back in the White House. Keep hoping though. What is the next date to be looking out for? Are we still waiting until August? I’m sure we’ve skipped a couple of dates by this point.

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“The People will have to see it for themselves. They will not believe it if told”

Now the People are starting to see it.

Dead people voting
unregistered voting
out of state voting.

Subtract those numbers and look who won. Many have done that and are waiting for the rest to catch up.

Much more may follow. (?) I hope. @DICKSISCO198O Remember Russia kicked out Rothschild banking affiliates and back the currency their currency by gold. The BRICS are also something to contend with when the Rothschild fractional reserve lending, fiat currency scams and compound interest from nothing goes global. Can’t buy shit with paper backed by nothing.

Its so much bigger than that
Get ready
Its officially starting

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There are a number of sites that have Trump pegged as an anti-christ or some type of end times evil or other. I cannot vouch for that. I can pop a few links in after looking them up. I know he’s not a “mason” per se, but I believe he may be of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - a Rosicrucian. I’m not super adept in masonry - but I believe that they are the most secretive. Masons that do not leave a footprint. Supposedly Ben Franklin was one too.

If I cannot find the links - these were some of the lines I was searching on- (also my interests were largely from a religious perspective)
Trump’s dad did a real estate deal with Jared Kushner’s dad - many decades ago. Bought him a property to start a Jewish rec center and went on to have a fruitful business relationship with him. Fast-forward to today and Trump has both a city and a train station named after him in Israel.

His name isn’t actually Donald Trump, but Donald Christ-Trump - and he’s actually descended from royalty. I cannot remember which and from where - but the prevailing belief of that culture was that it was its moral duty to restore Christ - or the line of Christ - to the “throne”/leadership. That sounds Rosicrucian to me. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn believe that Christ fathered children with M. Magdalene, and that those children belong on the earthly throne. It certainly explains his interest in Israel and the favor he receives there given that if true, the fostering of peace, etc. would indeed play a hand in ushering a false “Messiah” in.

Also - and maybe this is just a weird shot in the dark - but a lot of sites I saw said that maga was a subtle/not-so-subtle reference to magi or mage. Some attribute this to Donald Trump’s connection to the “looking glass” technology as supposedly his family has one of those devices and therefore the ability to see into and potentially alter different timelines - also to the fact that he - and this is undeniably true - has a wizard-like power/ability to deceive the masses. I voted for him, and waited patiently for him to follow-up on his word. He’s a well-learned acolyte. Finally - not linked to my research - but just an observation. These past several years - the last year especially - seemed very much like a shaming ritual/humiliation ritual. Very much upper-tier masonry or whatever. Anyhoo- I’m gonna look for a few links to back some of this bs up.


And jfk was also part of it. Otherwise he could never have been selected either.
Most American presidents have all had British heritage and descent because they all work for… the… same… people.

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Trump isn’t an easy dude to dig up stuff on - and the Google algo is crap for finding anything good now. But here are some random links (there’s millions more) showing a connection between the Kushner family/the Kabbalah - and efforts to bring in the new/false Messiah. Along with some random links because I’m scatterbrained. As well as a somewhat dubious video on the B of A murals and Trump’s presidency etc.

Youtube video on Bank of American Mural/Trump Connection (see his connection to celestial events in final links posted below as well):

Trump as descendant of royalty - via maternal heritage (Norway/Icelandic) via paternal heritage (Scotland)

Fred Trump - Kushner’s father:

Trump Heights/Trump City in Israel:

Trump Israeli Train Station:

Of related interest:

Maga/magi semantic connections:


Notice on word hippo MAGA is latin for phamaceutrix with sorcery implications.

Claim that trump is the real chief of the hermetic order of the golden dawn (video recently turned private but still - some interesting claims made on page):

Also - maybe just wildly making conclusions but they literally rolled out a Golden Dawn/Golden Don at the CPAC (truth hidden in plain site):

Celestial Events - Significance Being Total Solar Eclipse June 10 - and other major celestial event July 20/22(?)

Donald Trump Born On Lunar Eclipse

Donald Trump Inaugurated On Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Donald Trump Presidency Ends on Full Eclipse during a meteor shower and passing of comet


Understand this, Where would we be with lockdowns etc if it wasnt for the vaccine? Trump advocated strongly on it being up to the individual, & he very much strongly urged people to go the therapeutic route. Warp speed threw in a wrench in their shit so bad, had them screaming left & right, “vaccine bad” now it’s “Vaccine good!!” He laid out a trap for them, & they took the bait, in almost every case. He let them steal that election… Cause he knew they would MOST certainly would try it. We all know they did… They were caught red fuckin’ handed… just you wait.


I think I approach this from the “useless eaters” mindset. Everyday people like us, with bills and dependents, etc. … that’s how we are seen. We are the herd that’s being culled right now all around the globe. The implementation of the plan for this culling is multi-layered. I do not doubt that trump will return to office. I just happen to believe it was all part of the plan. I honestly don’t believe that any politician has a genuine “love” for the herd. Certain storylines have to play out for the goal to be achieved. The American public has been hoodwinked by the ole good cop/bad cop routine. And boy, won’t people be relieved when the “good cop” returns.


I understand that, fully, & believe me on some days I feel that’s exactly that. Depending on how I feel, everything is a psyop & we are all being guided, as a herd in a sense. To keep the flow of information coming in such a way so it won’t tip things over & create a mess. I get it for sure. I don’t know. maybe it’s a farce in believing any of it at all… or not. I mean, Trump DID sign the covid relief bill that gave 92% of $ to other entities. I’m sure we all have SOME doubts… & that’s perfectly okay. My trust is broke for certain. I will say though, 5 years ago I didn’t care for any of this stuff… Watching the media react the way they did to Trumps win… caught my attention… & it was off to the races from there.

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Lol. I hadn’t voted in two elections. Didn’t give a toot. Was more religious/spiritual minded. I went out to vote for Trump in the rain, in the middle of a scamdemic, and despite having two kids who’d been heavily conditioned by public school to both hate trump, and despise my decision to vote for him. I think I saw him as a one man victory against communism. Lol. I stocked up on food, water, candles, etc. when the underground word was that the Internet was going to go down and martial law would be declared. I waited for his legal challenges to turn the election results, for the fabled, watermarked/blockchain encoded ballots to blow the lid off everything.

Trump is a jagass. But he’s brilliantly so. You can’t really lay blame to him for the q stuff. He’s masterminded absolute confusion and yet his hands are clean. I know this…it takes many, many hands to hold up the lifeless puppet that Joe Biden is. That clown show alone is enough to convince me we’re being duped. If there is any hope for America, the nation as we know it, it lies in people like us…we the people. Sadly, we the people are divided and we’ve let our government become far too powerful. We’re just here to watch the clown show now. Act 3: The Orange Man Returns

Trump is brash but atleast he is who he is… authentic. If you don’t follow the Q stuff like me, then Trump appears much more normal. I listened & watched all his rallies & speeches… I heard what he had to say. Which is why I believe in him more than i’ve ever believed in any politician EVER. Never gave a shit till trump. He never needed a teleprompter… which shows… if you REALLY cared about what your running for or w/e… you really shouldn’t need one. only a mindless puppet who doesnt give a shit about the people would need to read from one. the Q stuff didn’t shine a light on anything for me more so than when the thing about jeffrey epstein came out about his island. that was an eye opener as well… I believe pedophiles are much easier to control & blackmail, which is why they are put in positions of power so often

I never followed Q. Do you remember that Dan Scavino video they posted right before the election? When that guy lit off on that horse waving the American flag I got all the thrills. That was powerful marketing. I grew up in the 80s when we were still a super power…the super power. To me, the Trump platform represented that. I was a lifelong democrat because I thought that’s what you had to be if you were black. I was more swayed by Candace Owens and Dan Scavino than anyone. That…and I was surrounded by liberal people with extremely liberal values. I wish Trump was what he painted himself to be, and that he could take office and restore normalcy. It just feels like we’re on a trajectory to somewhere and that the ride can’t be stopped. For me, that’s where religion comes in, and faith in things greater than man. Without meaning to, I’d positioned Trump mentally as a savior of some kind, and he’s certainly not my savior. That’s where all my trump research came in.


I did not like him in the beginning. Then he started catching my ear as my hubby supported from him from the start and frequently had him on the tube.

Now I believe he has a role to play to save this country from those inside this country who have an agenda, an agenda to destroy America out of jealousy. Obama said as much in his writings, his wife says as much often.


I get it. He’s damn sure a lot more likable than Biden. Or Obama.

I think Trump is a Mason, this anti-christ stuff is a bit hard to take, especially when you see what the left is doing. You must be kinda oblivious to the whole new world order. Trumps not leading that, and if anything Trump is another JFK, who didnt want to go along with the evil plans the satanists have.

yea, I cant see any real validity to any of that, I can make up a lot of stories that dont mean its true. Not to say its false, but you would have to bring something of substance to this conversation for me to bite on any of that…

There was no point to Trump, he didnt help the Globalists, he actually went very much against them and their agenda.

If Trump was in on it, we would all have been locked down, force vaccinated, and invaded with china/UN troops all under his watch. The Globalists want to kill 6.5+ BILLION people.

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And they will… but not all at once… all will die of stoke or harts failure mostly in their beds… once one is not starting to be a burden for society… like all over 80 that is the median age of the c19 deaths… look at this scenario: social# linked with your DNA ( who did not took a PCR test by nowadays) and your medical history in a database supervised by AI … when one’s tax return amount is less than what ones spent on health care… no more dependents and is not on pension yet … certain frequency dedicated to ones only DNA is released by the closest to home cell tower… just math pure Machiavellian. Or the social credit score from China… the warp speed was the main driver to mass vaxx globally- that is the ticking bomb under all our hoods … mass surveillance with a death switch this is was the hidden event for all the past and present masquerade. I pray for all this to be false :pray::pray::pray:

Ehhh. It’s not an idea for everybody. Lol. I don’t believe he’s the antichrist either tho. But he’s certainly not who he paints himself to be. Maybe one of his imps??

I had to edit this to add - I honestly think he’s the “hoary goat” in the Bible - the king who rises to power - pushes and pushes with his horns - with great strength - until his horns are broken off irreparably. Meaning - he will likely regain power, but only shortly before the total and final fall of what we know as America. From a spiritual/esoteric perspective - Trump comes off as an inversion of the John the Baptist archetype - a make way for the king type. God sacrificed an unblemished Son. The devil is horribly fond of inversions, but he’s not going to match that by crowning a “son” that’s been peed on by Stormy Daniels (more power to him btw). He will also, necessarily, be of the bloodline. The real antichrist has likely already been revealed just before the Israel/Hamas skirmish of late. The same young man they crowned right near the weeping wall on Good Friday - where all the rabbis were rushing to touch his robe. A young man, 33-ish, of half Israeli/half Muslim descent. A son of Abraham via both lines - through Hagar and again through Sarai/Sarah. Very likable and sweet-looking. Probably capable of doing impressive things. A maga/magi himself if you would. That would be right in line with the recent clearing out of the cemetery near the gate (the removal of muslim bodies that were installed to defile the ground and prevent the “messiah” from entering). I believe that Trump Town and Trump Train Station are reward for doing his duty. Trump is a worshipper of Apollo - so that all makes sense. Save to say - I’m not clueless, nor offended by insinuations of such. We probably just pay attention to different world news and view it differently. I’m waiting on Jesus, not Trump.