Bucket List

If you could do 3 things on what is for most of us, a very VERY long bucket list.

What would be your list?

Keep it real! Lol

I will go first.

  1. Visit every ancient monolith in the world.

  2. Win the powerball lotto, or at least the Canadian equivalent to do the above.

  3. Get a Home near a lake so i can star gaze every night and Powwow with the Sasq. :grinning::+1:t2:


That last one will become my mission to prevent from happening. On one and two good luck and blessings. On three I have my orders and now moving out.

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there are bucket lists, and then there are “never can be dones”

#2 is quite a steep call bro. I mean, almost impossible to do. psst, “it’s a never can be dones” unless you’re realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyy lucky.

#1 is do-able

#3 is do-able

now,replace #2 with something more realistic

My bucket list is pretty do-able.

  1. Visit Alaska
  2. Live outside an even a smaller town
  3. Visit North Dakota

My “never can be done” list

  1. Have a miniature fire-breathing dragon
  2. Be able to become invisible
  3. And of course to hit one of the large lotteries

Sorry, had to throw the second list in there too :laughing:


Why North Dakota Joanne?

Ok, i see the folly of that number 2 lol
But cant do number 1 without lots of money, lol

Sooo, i have a better chance at number 2 than anything else lol

Danny, because it’s not a highly popular place to go. Nice mountains, large native American culture. And most importantly, I’ve never been there.

How about things we have done and will remember also!!
I write this because I am content where I am at this time in my life.
(1)Shot a .45
(2)had a pod of killer whales swim by and under my boat
(3)natural child birth twice
(4)full solar eclipse
(5)bought my dream property.
I am not stating this from ego, just wondering what people would write as already in their bucket.

Great post. Nice to see a positive topic but I agree, my bucket list has pretty much been checked off.

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I asked because I have …LOL. I like South Dakota and Montana better. South Dakata has Deadwood and I am a big old west fan. Honestly I could be living in SD right now if i wanted to take a job and move there but I was there as child while dad was in AF and that place is colder than Pelosi heart. … I believe it was @silverfox that related he had been to Minot AFB in ND…that base makes many leave the military to avoid going there.
Where you live is very very pretty I know because I am there pretty often in the summer.

OK I am being pretty honest here and saying there is nothing left in my life that I really want to do that I have already done. The things I have not done I have no desire to do. My bucket list would be a good climate in a safe peaceful place. Maybe I will see someone else have an idea and say hey that is something I want to do.

Then start your own thread …grumble grumble grumble LOL

Its a bucket list,
Means, what you have NOT done

Ty very much LOL

Thanks to @Danny_28764 for the “Inspiration” lol :grinning::+1:t2:
And there is ALWAYS something…Think guys…think!!

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I agree, it’s beautiful here. I just love the mountains.
I’m drawn to ND for some reason. Montana is my 2nd choice. I’m getting information together to see what I pull together.
I was supposed to go to Alaska in September but #$@& covid cancelled on me :angry:
I love to travel so I’m always open to ideas.

I have one bucket list i cannot elaborate upon but involves a robot lady sasquatch and me with my rifle about 100 meters away and this little dude comes up trying to snag that squatch away …but I cannot communicate such things in detail on here.

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Actually I lucked out and was stationed in sunny Tucson, Az. At Davis Monthan AFB. But, fellow airmen who were up there, especially Minot, ND, would say, “Why no Minot? Freezin’s the reason’!”
Not quite as cold as pelosi’s black heart, but still pretty darn cold!

I remember it snowed sideways up there from west to east because they wind was always at least 15-20 mph in the winter. Thank goodness we were not there long.

Guys would tell me they’d go out to post - remote missile sites out in the middle of nowhere- and get snowed in for weeks. There was no way to get to them. And if they got perimeter alarms they’d have to go out to investigate, always tied off. They said there were times they couldn’t see 5’ in front of them. The winter gear was like a spacesuit and operation of the M16 was literally pointless if they ever had to engage. It basically sucked!