Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo and his BS Lockdown Orders - Chase Out Sheriff & Health Department

Sheriff & Health Department try to impose Cuomo’s orders but business owners stand up to his Lockdown Orders!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Wins Emmy for ‘Masterful Use of Television to Inform and Calm’ on Pandemic

Can you believe this :poop:
Gov Andrew M Cuomo of NY will receive the International Emmy Founders Award in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world. The Emmy will be presented to @NYGovCuomo on Nov 23


Eff Yeh…Wooot

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I wouldn’t have made it threw 30 sec of that video before I at least got a gun pulled out on me. An they say “just show Some respect”


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The worst tyrants are the ones enforcing tyrannical laws, or on this case, rules…


I wish we would all ban together and do this nationwide


you poor victim… so convinced that somehow you’re oppressed and yet ‘special’ that you can’t even created a user name without identifying your race.

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Does my race bother you?

Is your race so important that you couldn’t create a username that didn’t identify it?



I’m not surprised… blacks believe their bigotry is socially accepted.


This happening more often in the UK. Business owners invoking common law and chasing out the police.


I’m not arguing with racist on the internet.

Just keep the same energy when you see someone like me in the real world


You’re arguing with yourself? Weird.

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Also something about Magna Carta being invoked in UK.


This is awesome. I actually had a health inspector come into my business two weeks ago. I quickly informed him that he was trespassing and pulled my gun. I told him he was not allowed on the premises without a warrant. He quickly apologized and left. Hasn’t been back. I spoke with our LT Gov this week and told him it would not end so well next time. He also apologized and assured me we would be left alone. These ass clowns cant enforce mandates bc they are not law. My small business lobby has now filed 8 lawsuits against our governor. Fuck em all!!!


Sad Thing

Average Plebe

Has No Clue

And Will

Go Along To Get Along

So true. They just want that government paycheck. They are to dumb to get hired in the private sector

Pretty sure this was a town over from mine. What a refreshing video. The entite country needs to see this and follow suit

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Cool, a smaller version of the “Bundy Ranch” run off…RRR