Can I share a thing with you that is personel

This is a photo of my Thirty four year old son holding the first present I have been privileged to give him

Rejoice in my moment with me, and share the Joy and the close of my prison sentence of divorce. Rejoice and be happy for me for I am truly glad with tears

Give thanks to God with me, and praise for his healing and timing,

Tihs day I have a son and I gave gifts of meaning



Camp stove?

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Yes it is i have one just like it.

Congrats!! Ummm is he gonna eat the sandwich? Or is he getting ready to cook it? where are yall from? just wondering cause i never heard of Jimmy chips.

I am very pleased for you Elzer. I know how important this is for you.

I remember telling you time is a great healer and blood is forever.

Proof no sin is unforgivable between a father and son.



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Glad to hear your happy mate…your cranky side was wearing thin :rofl: jokes :beers:


Wow O, so happy for you, i know about the issues with your family that have plagued you.
I really hope that you and your son get to use that camp stove together on a camping trip.
Jebus i got two sons and your story brings a tear to my eye.


Blessings to You
And Your Son…



Well done Othelzer!

Extremely practical and fun gift at the same time.

Any chance you’ll get to go out and use it together? That would be the next great chapter to this Topic. :beers:


Awesome. There’s always light at the end of all darkest tunnels. I hope no one ever stops try to reach it. The reward is always great like yours. Ive been down the same tunnel as you a couple times. Congrats sir.

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The land of restaurant choices and cereal flavors…

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Soon, there is a great family gathering for Grandfather . It is a death preparation gathering. It will be a good place

Then we season cast Iron dutch oven with tallow and garlic and bitter herbs (wormwood ) and drink basque coffee.
There will be no milk for kindness, we cannot drink it and no butter or honey .

We will lift prayers for his mother who is with God

We will sleep under stars before coals we will listen for God


Is this a traditional thing to do?

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I have my father’s optimus 8r back packing stove ( white gas /coleman fuel)


One of my hobbies is fettling these stoves
(Fixing them is called fettling, hearth or fire box repair old northern english)

I have a optimus 22b that I got, so the stove is the beginning of a bond that should have been made

As I pass my hobby along and finally bequeath . The little treasures I have found
Who’s ownership keeps alive my father’s memory and backpacking in high Sierra’s

When your camping on a glacier you huddle around the fire



I honestly never realized how beautiful those things can be. I think anyone would be happy to inherit some gems like these. Practical ones at that.
I have a newly found appreciation for alternative fuel cooking stoves. My wife and I went and picked this up last week as a project.

Here is the same unit already refurbished.


These are all invitations to the party right😃??


That is a herloom,. I found one but some one replaced the top with a electric .

Still thinking about it


Well that would be cool just for its own reason…