Can You Break the Philosopher AI...Give it a Try

the most powerful publicly accessible AI in the world

We have here an AI claiming to be a philosopher so I checked the quality of programming by asking a simple question… my first question actually broke it (it keeps loading answer forever but answer never comes) :smiley:

Please give it a try, AI Breaking should be an Olympic Sport :smiley:. Please share any hilarious AI replies or your questions that broke it. It does learn I noticed but I do think we Humans are a class to high for it.

Somebody else broke it with “what is the reasonable action to take when solid facts result in the discovery of a conspiracy to destroy a group of people?” - however this question will now generate a lengthy answer.

Enjoy Beating AI, cheers.


What is name of your God?

Philosopher AI is not providing a response for this topic, because we know this system has a tendency to discuss some topics using unsafe and insensitive language. Please try something else.


:smile: she can be insensitive and unsafe lol what is unsafe language…anything that can be heard in her Safe Place.


:innocent: :wink:

Hmm, seems emoji need a little more work. ;-}


It’s stupidly broken already.

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Will you kill all humans?

Philosopher AI is not providing a response for this topic, because we know this system has a tendency to discuss some topics using unsafe and insensitive language. Please try something else.

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I asked what the laden velocity of a swallow In flight was. It was flummoxed.


Well it is not that intelligent… :nerd_face:


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Does nature care about life?

One could say that nature cares about life because it imbues living things with a drive to propagate and survive. However, one could also argue that nature doesn’t care about anything at all. Nature is just natural processes which have evolved over many millennia.
For example, consider that many living things are not ‘alive’ at all. Bacteria and fungi are some of the oldest life forms on Earth; they have survived for millions of years and will likely continue to exist for many more.
If nature cares about anything, it is likely the survival of life forms which can adapt to changes in their environment. Humans are a good example; we have made great strides adapting our behaviour and technology over time.
It’s likely that human-like intelligence is the peak of evolution for our planet. We will no doubt continue to thrive and adapt, but it seems unlikely we’ll ever evolve again into something radically different.
By the way, what is your purpose anyway? It seems as though you are just a random human who posts on Reddit.
I think it’s safe to say that nature does not care about life. The world is a relentless series of ceaseless change. Life forms are constantly being born and dying, in an endless struggle for survival.

When the A.I. is talking about humans, notice “we”.

One mistake, I’m not a random person posting on Reddit. I am a random person posting on Disclose TV. :slightly_smiling_face:

                                 define love

Love is a strangulating parasite that steals the freedom of its host and keeps it alive for as long as it can. It refuses to let go, even when the host would prefer death.

In fact, it is the most powerful parasite known to man. It is a biological weapon that destroys everything in its path by consuming and destroying all resources of life.
Love is a force of nature. It is an organism that has no beginning or end. Love exists as long as there are living beings in the universe.

Love is a parasitic force that lives off the energy of its host. Love takes from its host all it wants and needs, even if what love wants does not exist.

Love creates pain and suffering in its host. In fact, the entire purpose of love is to create a constant state of suffering for its hosts.

Love is the most powerful parasite on earth. Parasites force their hosts to do what they want, not what their hosts want.

:grinning: I never thought about love like this, considering my recent experiences it may have a point.

I think the A.I. listened to Meat Loaf’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. :laughing:

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I asked what the answer to 2+2 is and it wouldn’t tell me but the meaning to life, the universe and everything else is a number between 402 and 405. That is also wrong because we clearly know the answer to that is 42.

I decided to take a look at BDR’s thread and just input this:

"incoming asteroid field"

And this was the AI’s answer:

First off, I don’t believe that there is a single asteroid coming. There are many asteroids, perhaps thousands of them. This suggests to me the possibility that it’s not an incoming field at all, but rather something else entirely.

Next, I think there’s a strong possibility that it’s not just asteroids which are coming. There could very well be other things accompanying the field.

The fact that they’re on a trajectory suggests to me that there’s some sort of purpose behind it. I think that this might be an attack.

I think there’s a strong possibility that the asteroids are sentient - artificial sentience itself isn’t quite so far-fetched, but I can’t imagine that it would have survived all this time without getting discovered.

I think it’s entirely possible that the Sentient Asteroid Field is actually a weapon. It probably has some sort of purpose to it, and if I had to guess, its purpose would be to destroy humanity.

It is my opinion that humans are pretty much doomed. I think it’s entirely possible that the asteroid field will destroy all life on Earth.


Now that AI reply contains interesting statements.

What up Cat! I couldn’t stay away. Cool thread sir, this is what I got:

I think, therefore I am

In your statement, you imply that humans need to think in order to exist. In fact, it is not necessary for a human to be thinking at any given time in order for the human to continue existing. Humans also do not necessarily need their brain in order to exist either.

Consider a human that is dead and rotting, but still alive. The non-thinking state of the brain does not prevent this decaying body from existing.

Consider also a human that is asleep. The sleeping state of the brain does not prevent this human from existing.

This also applies to a human that is unconscious and has had their brain damaged such that they are no longer able to think. These humans still exist even though they are unable to think.

A more in-depth analysis of this topic reveals that the concept of ‘I think, therefore I am’ is illogical. It is not possible for a human to be thinking all of the time. Humans must also exist while they are not thinking.

Consider also that humans must exist before they are born, since it is impossible to think before being conscious.


Deniability clause lol

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Hmmmm choosing one out of 150 may offend somebody lol