Can't Make This Stuff Up

“It could be you”


Whos the woman? where did this happen?


Happened in USA. Pfizer vaxx


satans army is preparing.

Daniel 9:27 says “and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation”.


Bang on brother they will come out of the abyss,
i wouldnt be surprised if the luciferians running this show will somehow enable them to come out too maybe with cern or somehting like that, they will open the gateway to allow them out probably from deep underground id guess.

Its not going to be very pleasant when they do, we are already seeing more and more signs and wonders now as predicted.
Take care brother you know too, thanks as always i love it when i read truth on dtv. :grinning: :pray:

You always speak it my friend yes you do. :facepunch: :+1:

…if you get to be put into a robot/machine/android, then your temple will be programable and void of no control or expression from self.


Wtf is that?

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We really don’t know.

Started after she got her shots.

Normally her belly button is an inny and not purple. Not to mention the basketball sized protruding stomach beneath the purple protruding belly button is also not normal for her.

However injecting an alien spawn into a human host and the rapid pace at which the parasite grows is normal. See above for example.


It’s pretty fucky tho.

How many threads did y’all make and how many comments with all this gawking going about? Here I give you first hand personal experience, and what’s all this? Another load of rubbish right?

She’s 58 5’7" a buck 30 soaking wet at best with what looks like she’s pregnant with an alien baby.

“It could be you.”


The vaccine is a marker. The reptilians will rise and eat all the vaccinated people.

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That looks scary as fuck. Is she in any pain? Dr have any suggestions or did he start stammering and leave the room as fast as possible?


She hasn’t been yet, she’s kind of afraid but at the same time she knows they’re not gana know.

“It’s your own choice to make, but I say NO!”


No way in hell i’m getting that shot, especially after seeing that. I hope somebody can help her


I’d highly recommend getting that looked at ASAP. There was a case a few weeks ago of bleeding/clotting in the abdominal cavity. The person let it go for a few days cause they weren’t sure what was happening. Things turned critical suddenly and rushed to the hospital. The person almost died but luckily pulled through after a couple surgeries and a week in the ICU.

I’m not trying to scare you but I’d hate see anything bad happen. I’m also not a doctor so take it with a grain of salt. Best of luck on a speedy recovery.


The vains should be of some concern. Blue and all. Isn’t our belly buttons our connection to source?.

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I’m no doctor but get some cannabis oil in it and on it. Orally and topically. Hoping your family member heals up quick.

I would have her do this as often as she can

Maybe an umbilical hernia?


She supposedly has an apt to see Dr.Derr…

Yes that’s right, Doctor Derr.

Can’t make this shit up…