Can't Make This Stuff Up

Well…not off to a great start! Best of luck. Derrrrr…I dunno wus rong wif ya.







Is she single?

But like ive said, on the other hand, the technology can be beneficial. Not the disease part, the reason for adding on ‘attachments’ part. The lying and fakery is something else. Keep us updated, hope all is well

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Anyone else notice how that vax card has 2 spots for other, they planned for more and now the talk of “maybe” needing a 3rd shot go figure.

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The verdict is they dunno…

So she goes into the doctors, and I did suggest the umbilical hernia, and they just take regular samples like blood and biopsy…“we’ll get back to you” they say.

Now I’m no doctor, but doesn’t the video camera tube they stick down yer throat to check out yer insides tell you right away wtf yer problem is?

If this thread stays open long enough to get some actual answers I’ll gladly share what I found out.

In other news my friend I tried the magnet trick on says she’s been emitting electricity lately. Shocking things that normally would not cause a shock. Maybe some of them are conductors hence multiple manufacturers for multiple components :woman_shrugging:


Best of luck to you both, hope it gets figured out soon

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You mean Dr. Derrrr didn’t have an answer? Shocking! Speaking of shocking, it’s interesting that she’s become a conductor of sorts. There’s tons of evidence that magnets are sticking to some people. There’s another instance floating around Dtv where a lady in the hospital has become magnetic as opposed to magnets sticking to her. The video shows various metal objects sticking to numerous spots on her body. Clearly these vaccines are not affecting people similarly across the board. You may very well be living with next “Avenger” super hero!

Yer absolutely right!

That buddy of mine who didn’t have a magnet stick to her has a friends mom who does.

This might all sound like a game of telephone, but just like them old wives tales you hear about from different walks of life, there is truth in what we speak of.

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