Car Bomb kills Governor Kemp's Daughter's Boyfriend


Nothing’s a Coincidence

What Did He Know?

And About Whom?


From naturalpathic doctors, anti-vaxxers, to people fighting the fraud…
I’m reminded of when Paul Walker’s car blew up. He was onto something regarding… Haiti (I believe, anyway).
With what crazy ass tech they got in vehicles today, is it plausible that our vehicles could be hacked and caused to either crash, or spontaneously explode?


Yes, Paul Walker was involved in Haiti and probably either knew or had a hunch what the Clinton Foundation was doing there. Billions of dollars disappeared hardly anything got to the people. How many people disappeared for organ harvesting and sex trafficking?

If memory serves me right Paul’s Porsche was hit by a missile, or so the “theory” went.

I’m not sure the kid knew anything. It was a message to Governor Kemp and those who stand in the way of the leftists coup. Was it designed to rile up the conservative base?

Symbolism- posted at 5:05 Dec 5th, kid is sitting on a Jeep Wrangler a symbol of American Patriotism, anyone notice the huge increase of Jeep Wranglers on the road over the past 2 years? The color of the dogs collar is interesting, same at the glasses of that nut job Cindy Johnson. I know it sounds crazy but these people communicate using symbolism, just because it sounds crazy doesn’t mean shit, in fact they want you mocking it, because if you wake up to the symbol communication and control, then you will really start understanding the mental prison we live in, and the next level of control they enjoy over us. There are no kawinkydinks most of it is premeditated.

Just because you see symbolism does it mean anything, not necessarily, most people flash it without even realizing it. However it is something to keep an eye on. Patterns don’t lie, allow them to establish patterns of behavior, transgressions and abuse.


Something wicked this way comes…


Not likely…

look at the pic. The kid was driving the Jeep. The frame is bent down under the passenger compartment. The engine block was 50 or 60 yards away, the top is gone, and the hood and front fenders are gone. The gas tank is in the rear, not under the passenger compartment.



Either way, this is a message being sent.


Hopefully to the Clinton Foundation and the leftist establishment, when the time is right I can provide the name of a certain Clinton Foundation Zionist loyalist who is guilty of stalking and intimidation. Amongst many other local swamp creatures.

Just for the record the Clinton Foundation officially employs about 2,000 people, unofficially one can only imagine. Some don’t have to the rot in libtard infested small town communities with pedophile police chiefs is severe to say the least.

Imagine these major auto makers having to explain why the vehicles they produce are so unsafe… Subject to spontaneously explode without warning… It might cause a decline in sales for both Porch and for Jeep… It might be safer to travel by bicycle… This is too convenient not to be a planned murder… If the young man was dating the Governor’s daughter, someone may have been after her…

He was also a staffer for Kelly Loeffler…


There’s no such thing as a coincidence in politics. Is there anyone who still doesn’t believe the real elite conspire?


Coincidental? I think not. Message was sent! This kind of stuff has been around a very long time!
Cross the wrong line…cross the wrong people…

There has always been and always will be “snakes in the garden” so keep the light on. You can never be too careful!

Partial theme lyrics from “Turn”, the show about spies during the American

Song is “Hush” by Joy Williams and Matt Berninger

There’s snakes in the garden,
Blood on the vines.
Every time I slip away,
It feels like a crime.

Underneath the shadows,
The acheing ground.
The weight of the moon
Is all you have now.
Soul. For. Sale.

Soul. For. Sale.
Soul. For. Sale.
Soul. For. Sale.

There’s ropes in the hallway,
Scars in the silver.
I know there will come a day,
When red runs the river.
Keep the light on,
Keep the light on,

The message was sent to Kemp that he nor his family are not safe and better stay in line and or keep up what they are doing. I have saw cars that have caught on fire and exploded and its nothing like that. The motors are not blown out of the cars. That was most likely a remote control bomb. magnettically attached to the frame

Or he found out too much and did not go along with it. He might have been in on the Georgia collusion as well and taken out of the picture before he could do something.

When the democrats go in office and freedom disappears there will be more and more of this type of thing. It will not be a war where you line up and shoot at each other it will be a war of terror aimed at democrats. The factors will be what the military does. If they see it as a coup and side with patriots it could be a really really bad time for the communist liberals .


Agreement Sir. Time will tell what hell rages!

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Pretty sure the the unofficial motto of the Democratic party. Most conservatives on the other hand are conspiracy conscious and don’t believe in kawinkydinks. I am referring to the past ten years, the opposite was true during Dubya.

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This event happened on the day that Kemp was supposed to appear with Sydney Powell, and Lin Wood. This event is purportedly why he didn’t make that event.

Lay down with dogs, you get fleas that send explosive messages.

On another forum I frequent, everyone is laughing about the assertion that this was a bomb.

If it wasn’t, why are the back doors gone/hanging on by one hinge? Why is the frame bent downwards? Why is the two cars facing different directions? Why is the motor not in the car?

The future of the whole world is at stake. Does anyone really believe that those who believe it is their birthright to rule over us would not murder people to get their point across?


Maybe Kemp didn’t like him so he had him removed.

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Anyone who says that was not a bomb knows zero about bombs. The physical evidence alone does not even need a chemical analysis of the wreckage. Look at the back of the car that was in front of it. It shows evidence of a quick and violent blast that lifted body parts upwards, not forwards. People make dumb statements without a shred of knowledge on these sites. Usually it will be a housewife or desk jockey how knows zero about anything such as that.

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