CCTV cam records tiny humanoid creatures at a home in Texas

Creepy video footage of a home security camera (CCTV) that has been going viral on social networks appears to show a pair of tiny humanoid creatures at the entrance of a home in Texas.

The strange video was recorded on the exterior of a private residence in Dallas late last month and was posted on Reddit this week by the bewildered owner hoping someone could find an explanation.

The tiny ‘visitors’ can be seen apparently walking on two legs at the end of the entrance before disappearing behind a parked car.

But hey, don’t take my word for granted… here is the mysterious video:

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Well that is creepy!

That was my first thought, too.

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:wink::+1: The last part of the clip did look like them two.

gnomes there so they are real …

Look Llke Chickens to me.

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My guess would be that they are birds. It’s a shame the video isnt clearer.:+1:


Penguins, definitely Penguins, or Penguin like, I’m not saying for sure it’s Penguins, but it’s penguins.


it isn’t funny, you people still dont realize we aren’t alone in universe especially at night time…

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Munchkin’s visiting?

Somebody call the TrollHunters

Interesting statement, serious question here, what else do you think we have visiting at night?

It was me :grin: :v:

It amazes me that in 2020, people still have :poop: CCTV cams. What’s the point in having these if you can’t even see who’s damaging or stealing your car?
Its only £250 these days for a decent 4k 60fps security camera.


OMG people!! It’s a pair of skunks, with their tails up. What is wrong with everyone???


Yeah definitely a pair of skunks

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Have y’all ever seen a skunk? Because those are definitely not skunks!

Baby wombles