CCTV cam records tiny humanoid creatures at a home in Texas

At 20 seconds in, the one on the right appears to shoot a light beam upward at an angle. I assume that was a video artifact, as opposed to a light beam or other thing of interest?

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Perfect! that was the image I had in my head.

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Baby stinkers.

I wondered about that too m8

Skunks, chickens, pigeons
But ain’t no troll or gremlin lol

You need to take that down. You are not allowed to use Dr Fauci picture without his permission :rofl:

I do not think chickens. They roost at night because if they get out they become a meal at night. I have had an owl get in my chicken coop and they raise the devil in there but they will not run out into the night.o

I agree with the others, ,most likely a pair of owls. They walk like owls.

Yeah like few people have said on this thread, they look just like some sorta bird to me, doin dey thang like a chiken wang

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Correct Ms Texas, not a skunk.

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