Chaos: Suez Canal to be blocked for days or even weeks

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I feel like getting a boat unstuck at the suez canal would be a lot easier than this.

This is just a retail derail.

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You cannot have Hunger Games without Hunger :slight_smile:

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Mr.Nice …we should know by now that the middle east is a mess .so how can a effort to refloat a ship be any different. I wished it was not like this but it’s the norm…

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True enough.
I guess water isn’t their specialty.

Got sent this: That number is the Clinton foundation. How do you takedown child trafficking operation run by Epstein/Mossad/CIA/Clinton foundation/Obama Admin/Big Pharma? You stop a big fookin Evergiven/Evergreen ship full of children in the suez canal, turn it sideways & run it aground. Go Russia, their warships are there. the MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP.


Sorry ladies, it was a female captain who doesn’t know how to drive. There’s a reason men are better suited to some jobs.

Did she choose the route that looks like a butt with a dingle near it? ( I think it was the route at least, or?)

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LOL good find!

I used to GPS draw penises with my bike all over my libtard neighborhood and in fields when it snowed out. Drawing GPS dicks whether it be with bikes, planes or giant cargo ships is pretty epic. Kudos to the driver!

Actually once I drew a tiger penis in a snowy field. In order to draw a tiger penis one must first draw the tiger’s head with whiskers (thats what makes it a tiger) and then a shlong.

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