Charity Organization Training States White Women Who Report Sexual Crimes is White Supremacy

A lawyer today accused Oxfam of suggesting reporting rape is ‘contemptible’ after a training document said ‘privileged white women’ were supporting the ‘root causes of sexual violence’ for wanting offenders jailed because it disproportionately affects minorities.

The charity, which has been hit by a slew of sex scandals including claims that employees used teenage prostitutes in Haiti, compiled the PowerPoint presentation through its LGBT network after the group complained to bosses that the debate about women’s rights was part of a ‘patriarchal and white supremacist narrative’.

Accompanied by a cartoon of a crying white woman, the PowerPoint claims that mainstream feminism supports ‘the root causes of sexual violence’ by painting white women as ‘victims’ and that this in turn justifies excessive punishment for ‘black and other marginalised people’.

Naomi Cunningham, a discrimination and employment law barrister, said the training - which uses extracts from a book written by Sussex University gender studies professor Alison Phipps - had shocking implications.

‘The message seems to be that a woman who reports a rape or sexual assault to the police and presses charges is a contemptible ‘‘white feminist’’,’ she told The Telegraph.

She added: ‘I think any woman could make an arguable case that this has created or contributed to ‘‘an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment’’, which is how the Equality Act defines harassment.’

Some of their argument is ‘white women’ are to blame if they get raped by minorities.

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