Check this out watch at til end




Number of the Beast

guns and fastcars

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@Old_Soul89 In the future please provide at least a sentence describing the content you are posting, simply posting a link without context is considered “thin content” according to this forums rule. I will not report it this time though.

Also in your welcome thread you claimed not to be an old member, yet this is the exact same type of content they used to post…

Hi @Old_Soul89, please assign your future opening posts to a category. Thank you.

Bro I operate my temple so i should be the only one that knows my actions so in that sense why would i lie? I have no intent to lie so if your stuck on thinkin im a “old” member than with all due respect go ahead waste your time… Also there are tons of ppl not just me that post the same shit everywhere and I happen to share one post and get accused of being an old member come on dude get real

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Congrats on your first post. Nice to meet you

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Thank you and you as well god bless


You’re welcome

The AntiChrist can suck my xxxx.

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i feel ya

just calm down haha


whats on your mind


otomon do you know what pinned globally means it is on this page a bit below your writing . THANKS.

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That is a weird reaction to me being happy of you possibly being an old member I use to love posts from, but okay… your not them, got it. Chill mang

@itsronwritting So you know when you type you see a bunch of topics? When you see the message “pinned globally” it means that the system automatically made it so it shows up at the top of the list, otherwise new topics would just be all the way at the bottom and lots of people would miss them.

Also the owners of the site can pin stuff manually, but its pretty rare for them to do that.

Nice post Oldsoul.
Gota remember to give slight discription in future though.

Message is well intended and taken.
I digress though, the mirror imaging is reaching.

After much personal research I have conclusions about the current “stage” at hand.
Either choice is not going to bring in peace.
Only the true messiah---- Jeshua


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Thanks for that …

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