China buying British Schools


What could possibly go wrong with China buying the world? If anyone has a Uyghur friend, I’d love to hear their take!


Sorry, won’t pay any attention to anything Nigel Farage says or does, he Is a chancer, a conman, he Invents a new party every time his old one becomes meaningless, he says a few words to keep his loyal sheep holding his coat tails and hey presto another party springs up under a different name and a different guise, so he can continue to pocket his handsome Income, the guys a leech and needs putting to grass.

Fair enough, I like what he has to say on a lot of issues. However I also don’t follow British politics closely. Maybe there’s skeletons in his closet I’m unaware of.

I completely agree with you on Farage.
A failed tory politician that formed 2 parties staffed by racist bigots to do his bidding.
He waffles on about pointless issues too much for my liking.

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Regardless of Farage, I’m curious on either of your thoughts regarding the subject matter. Are either of you Brits and if so what’s your take on China’s involvement buying schools to spread propaganda?

Yes I’m British, and like I’ve said, I haven’t read or watched the video because I won’t give Farage the time of day, so can’t really give you my opinion.

I’m a brit too. If the schools are sold into private hands and the owners want to change the curriculum while continuing to operate as a place of education sanctioned by the state, that would have to be passed in parliament.
If they’re run as private schools, the parents will be paying the bills, so it’s their choice.
It’s another case of Farage getting on his soapbox and shouting the odds about nothing.

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