China grants 18 trademarks in 2 months to Trump, daughter

Uh Oh, appears the tRump children’s dirty little secrets are coming out…
Ivanka profiting off her position by colluding with China in order to profit off US taxpayers, once again…
Her numerous trademarks for Chinese voting machines, is starting to make sense as to why her father is bashing mail in voting…
If people vote primarily by mail, Ivanka will lose $100’s of millions of dollars that she was going to charge taxpayers for using her Chinese made voting machines…
With all this new viable information coming out about tRump’s children, it’s starting tomake sense why tRump and Rudy are colluding with Russia again to post made up information on the Biden’s…
The tRump families corruption is turning out to be the real October surprise…

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Trump complained about freedom of speech. .he called it disgusting

" “It’s frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever they want”

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I find it funny how all the americans on this site constantly post hit pieces on the political party leaders they oppose…

I guess they will never grow up and realize both parties are just as corrupt and you are all being played.


He was talking about the media shouldn’t be able to just fabricate lies and report them as truth… not freedom of speech. And he is right

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Smear isnt nice if its fake news i get it. but we live in a age where throwing mutt has become A huge competition. the republican site does it in their own way also. And i cant see anymlore who,really started it. with the stuff that was being told about hillary or trump .it has become a spinni g hurricane. And some q followers are over doing the smearing aswell. q followers are often to shure about what tbey think they know. christians over did it. So that everyone on the leftside has it easy then to paint them in the most extremistic ligjt they can. Therefore my message to trumpers is hold your horses or you will fall from the horses .

trump is playing the journalist on twitter himself. and then he complains about them. I know he callsit playing politics. my opinion was from beginning 2016 that its not playing into his cause That way. political discurs became to weaponized.
many people dont want these redpills then

More of the usual fake to deflect from Bidens corruption.


I’m sure trump is guilty. Y association of Jfk, Hitler and charls manson is in there somewhere

But I’m still voting Trump
I’m not voting for kamala for pres with her muff biden

You’re off ya trolly you pal, seriously, do you think Donald Trump would trust a machine made In China to count votes fairly In a general election, Trump wouldn’t use one of these machines In a Tombola raffle.

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Right versus Left rhetoric is ruining the Country.

I find it funny how Joe Bidden partied with pedaphiles,

spent time flying on airlines designed for pedaphiles to get their rocks off,

openly takes bribes and even braggs about it,

has a son that was convicted of drug use and caught on camera having sex with children,

and then a RELATIVE of Trump signs a business deal with china and Trump is of course blamed and evil.

That’s like letting somone murder ten people in front of you and drive home and then sending somone to jail for spitting out his gum on the floor shortly afterwards.

The Libertard left’s hippocrocy is nothing short of mental illness level stupidity


Biden probably partied with pedaphiles for the same reason tRump did…

“‘I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.’ - Donald Trump, 2002” The quote is from a 2002 New York Magazine profile of Epstein.

I get it. Yip .and Joe Biden and son are still up in the air on their Crimea millionshis son acquired somehow? Abuse of V.p. power while in office I think. We can get fake newsed out and be conquered and divided as a people/country the haves love it… us have nots not so much. Why cant we quit letting media divide and look at what’s best to do during this pandemic…I’ve now lost 4 friends to covid 19 deaths.

all of the video and pictures are at parties with hundreds of other senitors and powerful famous people don’t you think…er…never mind…

IT’S NOT A COINCIDENCE that all the pictures and videos of Trump and Epstine together are at parties filled with famous people in NEW YORK.

you CAN find pictures of the clintons and Joe Bidden on Epstines pedaphile island though



A business associate of Hunter Biden has turned over his gmail account password to a writer. This business associate is currently serving time in a federal prison for his crimes. He was made the fall guy for Hunter. There was a second associate that had his sentence suspended by a lower court judge but recently a higher court judge has reinstated the sentence. So, two of Hunter’s investor friends have been jailed for crimes but Hunter is still walking free. Well, things are about to hit the fan! Breitbart is going to be printing some of the thousands of gmails in the days ahead. These gmails are not associated with the ones that were found in Hunter’s laptop that was turned over to the FBI last year. These gmails are going to expose the Biden crime syndicate even more. I have a feeling that Joe is going to be hiding in the basement a lot in the coming days before the elections. On the bright side though, he can still order Chinese food takeout. He is very fond of anything Chinese! And, Hunter and his small noodle are fond of Chinese. As in underage Chinese girls! Small poles fit better in small holes? Oh well, Hunter can fit in nicely with the prison girls. Maybe he will run into some of his old investor friends? They will definitely be happy to see him! Shanks alive! Hello Hunter! :hocho:

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That would be correct… Good to see you coming around…

You mean as the unmasking was going to be Obama’s and Clintons downfall??..How did that work out for tRump and his cult of dimwits ???

You don’t have ANY room to talk when you can’t even admit when you are wrong about ANYTHING and repeat every single word the mainstream media says bad about Trump and repeats it like a parrot that was hit in the head with a hammer.

ANYONE that cannot see the Democrat party is full of criminals that openly take bribes from other countries and have a problem with boarder patrol and national security because it hinders their crime is not worthy of even claiming they think.