Chris Cuomo Confronts Robinhood CEO For Stopping Trades Of Gamestop

This guy right here.

I know you guys don’t like CNN but he does a pretty good job making this guy look like a idiot.

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They all are getting veklemp but
It was ok to crucify Good old pete rose for .asking a bet on himself.

These elitist are so hypocritical

Robin hood now protecting the hedge funds they sell data to.

We prayed for a change, the way God answered is extrordinary.

Epstine and maxwell,. Democrats stealing Votes and some Republicans too (McConnel)
Biden aborting americans. Now wall street takes it in the keister


Not a fan of Cuomo, but anybody can tell this CEO is straight up full of shit. First he starts off kissing Cuomo’s ass, then he runs around in circles doing damage control. These people should be charged if they’ve violated any securities laws whatsoever.


If he only threw some hardball questions like that at his brother.


White collar crimes( mostly steal lots of peoples money n running away n spending it for years) do so much damage… mental, financial,cauising divorce, drug addiction, spousal abuse and some much more abuse to the people whose money’s been taken, lost, stolen, all over white collar under handed dealings that affect blue collar americans in such hard ways as i have described in above paragraph. But what makes me furious is you get more prison time at real prisons ( not those fake assed rich whitecollar prisons where you pay to stay in luxury) for pot or fist fightings or stealing meat from wal mart cause they were starving but get caught 4 times. This meat totaled over $500 so its a felony … . They get so much time in jail/ prison but whitecollarthe time is small and fines payable to the rich…why didpelosi buy a lot of Tesla car company stock right before Biden says letsreplace postal fleet with Elon musk’s electric cars aka the Tesla car company… .get it. It is insider info b itsbeing usedto gain profit.she has early access to info. Its white collar crime…we live in a country where once you get a certain kind of rich. its impossible to list this all how I really want to…i hope you got what I was saying …I jus knowwhitecollar crimes stealing millions and billlions but the prison time is nowhere equal to stealing meat at wal mart or a video game system n games from game stop again over 500$ these actions are felonies.these bluecollar crimes getu moretime than embezzling millions …I’m exaggerating the low end to show how far apart things are ok…i hope this gets thru and understood

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That whole family is Mafioso puppets. He would not be sitting in that seat on that show if he was not nipples deep in Soros butt. He did a monologue for the ratings because MSM is losing viewers. People are tired of Soros passing gas and it puffing out of a newscasters face.

Sorry…rant over. now


Every now and then they make an example out of one of these greedy mofos, but I hear you.

they all need putting in prison for what they have done stopping trading , also did it to dogecoin the little man like me went to sell his dogecoin and was stopped from doing so , i lost my profit but these scum made theres.

They stopped dogecoin as well?

I’m still buying it.

Gonna wait for it to drop a little more.

Was looking at it today when it was only :grimacing: up 300%. I know, overall that will feel like nothing in the long run but I feel like there’s going to be a slight pullback yet.
Been day trading blozf or for the past couple weeks. Mad runs and they’re not stopping. Nice and cheap too so getting a pile of shares in and out for a quick .05 is pretty impossible to screw up. Liquidity is pretty decent at the moment, not sitting there waiting for your shares to sell like some of the pink slips.

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Hilarious. Nipples deep…I can’t stand either of the two Cuomos. They’re both bold face liars and sacks of what you might find when you’re “nipples deep in soros ass”! 99 out of 100 times this pos tows the party line. That one time he doesn’t is intended to make him seem human.

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This seems so fake. More psyop bs.

My oldest brother is a piece of shyt, but he’s still my brother.

Ur brother didnt murder 6000+ people either.

I made nine thousand dollars with my game stop shares I bought from last year. $180 dollars worth of shares out of my pocket.

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Elaborate please.

My older brother is worse than a pos. I disowned him. He should’ve died, not my little brother.

That sucks… I don’t wish death on anyone because I subscribe to karma. You know, the energy we put out, is the same energy we get back? My brother I definitely despise though. My condolences.

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If you caught your brother strangling your grandmother with an electrical cord telling her to go sell her ass for drugs, you would understand.

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