Christians With No Clue What Proof Is

if i were to tell you that i have a fire breathing dragon in my backyard?.. would you believe me? … probably not right? why?.. because we have not experienced it…

ok… what if i told you i have a kimono dragon in my backyard?.. a little more believable… would you believe me?.. still probably not… why not? … even though we know these creatures exist… there’s still a high probability its not true… why?.. its not easy to get and maintain one of these…

but if i told you that someone died for your sins and will return from death on the clouds… why would you believe me? it the emotional factor?.. is it out of fear?..
and shame on those who spread false hope…

i dare all to watch this video and come up with another definition of proof…

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Heinrich Hertz
Guglielmo Marconi
Werner Heisenberg
Gregor Mendel
James Clerk Maxwell
Michael Faraday…

Christians who have definition and proof. Your turn to make a Clue.


None of these picked up their Nobel prize for proving the existance of jesus/el shadai . I wonder why ?


I think if there was any other member who consistently only appeared in one topic and every post, every, single, post, was a derision toward any other group, besides Christians, they’d get banned and no members would be constantly humoring them. Think about it. What group would you allow one single minded individual to harass and disrespect every single post, every single day? Is there a racial group, sexual orientation, economic philosophy, or even another faith which you would support the nonstop harassment and disrespect of? I mean it’s one thing if the OP could have a stable and fruitful conversation about any other topic, but instead is a one dimensional zealot, barely grasping the info he represents, and single mindedly belittling a group of people.


this is what i have to says about that…

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‘You notice how no one in his audience have picked up their own bible to study along with him.
Bet they’re hearing Charlie Browns’ Teacher, then desperately try and remember what he said when questioned by a non delusional, after sunday euphoria has waned

Lucky no one has been unfortunate enough to choose that lion as an avatar eh ? I mean, how ironic would that be

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yeah… your right… but what can you expect from a people who take everything on faith and not facts, evidence and common sense.

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You wondering dummy, Nobel Prize is not given on the subject of Faith.

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Just before finding Him I denied Him the most, that aha moment can be around their next corner.


Faith is not a pathway to truth, only a dummy would think it is

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I’ll be your dummy and you will be mine, forever and ever and ever :rofl:

I daresay if there were enough muslims continually bumping their gums about allah (peace be upon him) on here they would have their idiotic beliefs questioned in the same manner.

Seeing how allah and el shadai are one and the same invisble man as jesus, one rod should suffice, don’t you think?


I thought atheists were all about “logic”? Where is the logic of posting the same threads over and over and trolling other peoples topics with the same kinda posts? If your reason is to try and convert people to your religion, I have yet to see a single person say they changed their beliefs because of one of your posts. Sounds pretty illogical to me.


It is single minded harassment by an unstable, and rather incompetent individual that you support. And check the boards man, barely a whisper of many Christian themed threads, though they do exist. This weirdo on the other hand has posted more zealotry in the last 6 months than everyone else combined. Like I said, if you were honest, you’d admit that no other group would be allowed to be harassed by one person without many people stepping forward and telling them to chill a little. And for the record, it doesn’t really bother me personally, I’ve studied most of these skepticisms and my faith is still assured, I’ve destroyed this weirdo just about anytime I flex my fingers to do so, just find many of you to be hypocrites and phonies for humoring him, when you wouldn’t other people/groups. And neither would DTV. It is the allowance of agenda posting over the last year by this one person which has degraded the conversation across the whole site, and will continue to do so.

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how is it the same thread over and over again?..

i just hit the same target at different angles?..

whos says i have a religion i want people to convert to?..

i dont want anything to do with any religion/cult …

i just want people to think and be so gullible…

also… im not an atheist also… if theres a god …idk… i do know if there is one it wouldn’t be as immoral as all the ones written in every so called holy book…

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In the ten years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen a Christian leave the faith. I have however seen two atheists and one new ager come to Jesus. God wins the long game baby.

Proof? Prove to me the “I” in you is real and not an illusion or “delusion”. I’ve never met you in the flesh, therefore you do not exist until I have that experience of meeting you in the flesh. Therefore there is no reason to argue with an entity that doesn’t exist. :grinning::grin::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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thats because people dont like to admit when their wrong…

when they have been fooled…

also you dont know about the clergy project… helps pastors and preachers who are still employed by the church to get out…

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