Church of England failures 'allowed child sexual abusers to hide'

I believe this is a world wide thing and not limited to the RCC, although I will say it is more predominate in the RCC simply by virtue of numbers of members alone.
Remember this…Satan hates innocence. He hates to see innocence prosper. He knows the way to ruin a human life is to do it with sexual and physical abuse and then if he uses a pitiful excuse of a religion to do this evil he has great hopes of turning that person forever against God.
What they are doing is formulating their own torturous and horrible ends. Jesus said that who abuses a child would be better to have a grinding stone hung around their neck and tossed into the sea.
Sidenote that Jesus meant not only children in the physical sense but he meant those that try to bother his children (believers) as well.
We see this in so many different religions. We have it in the RCC., Islam, many cults such as Jim Jones and even in mainsteam protestant religions. Honestly it was examples of this that drove me away from being a member of an established church or denomination years ago as I saw firsthand evidence of it happening.
God does not condone this activity. What is happening is Satan polluting us with lies and lust just like he did to Eve in the Garden.
Prayers to those children who are affected.

small point danny the church of england is not catholic , its anglican which is more or less protestant , thanx for your reply all the same , i was raised catholic but once i hit about 9 or ten i started questioning my belief to the point that i dont believe anymore , im not saying im correct , its just the way i see it , if the big mans up there i shall take my oil , im sure he has it in him to forgive , if hes up there .

He has it in Him to forgive (capital H on purpose). But he does not forgive arbitrarily or force forgiveness. Forgiveness is simple.
A be sorry in the first place.
B believe in the right thing to be forgiven.
c ask forgiveness and do your best to live better, not perfect, but better.
Saying the words and not meaning it wont work.
You last 4 words will not get you forgiven because you are not a believer, you are a doubter.
He died for you and every soul that every lived but he does not force feed forgiveness

I wrote this for the benefit all readers. I know there this will most likely go with this person.

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this is not a wind up , whats your views on people of praise? , i personally never heard of them ever before barret was touted for the supreme court , are they a cult ?

Exact same story here.
This gentleman does a really good job explaining what sounds like how we and many others feel.

Possibilianism - rather clever name I thought.


very good speech , i ilke his way of thinking

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