CIA goes full woke, anyone surprised?

I think its fair to say most realize the CIA and the deep state are behind all the issues we are plagued with today, many are also waking up to the fact that they stand behind all the virtual signaling woke madness. Not surprisingly here they are wasting no time in capitalizing on their creation of a woke army of useful idiots.

A most refreshing thing to observer is that more and more people are not buying it.

Some saw this coming years ago and spoke out, yet were called cooks and conspiracy theorists. Now with the benefit of hindsight, the pandemic and the blatant weaponization of race it is no longer an abstract concept or work of fiction. Its all very real and very in your face, deny it at your own peril because thats exactly how we got here to begin with… the silent acquiescence of the lemming public. The product of 60 years of silence is evident to all but the worthless and guilty!

They literally created a new victim class to clobber the rest of society with. A new stock of programmed and easily malleable robopaths who have recently discovered (with help) their resentments towards society, especially the normies who they have labeled racists and homophobes and target ruthlessly based on these projected lies. Translation - now they will be allowed to unleash those veiled resentments under the cover of the CIA. If that doesn’t make your blood boil America I don’t know what will, then again most people cant even see the most obvious abuses happening right before their eyes. The KGB could never have dreamt of such a destructive force to take out the freethinking elements of society with. Yet here we are beacon of freedom and democracy stealthily putting to shame the horror show authoritarian surveillance states that came before, while sycophantically preaching inclusivity and progressivism.

The reality is the CIA, corporate deep state establishment or the Military Industrial Complex for that matter could careless about what the normies think about them or these woke virtue signaling ads. They exhausted the reserves of xenophobic mental midgets tweaking on post 911 patriotic hysteria from the conservative right during Dubya. Now many on the right have woken up and they need a new easily exploitable populace of obedient toxic narcissist with a thirst for revenge. Because believe you me peoples (vieled) desire for revenge is mapped out and plays a very significant role in who is placed in positions of power. Mind you its more refined than just that they need people who are clever enough to enact that revenge stealth-fully, people who understand how to act with plausible deniability and weaponize coincidences - cry bullies and poor me-s. America a nation where psychopaths thrive, actually it is truly gut wrenchingly terrifying how closely the psychological make up of Americans mimics that of statist loyal Soviets, on both sides of the isle! If it aint broke why fix it? There are a thousand different ways to create a psychologically toxic, morally bankrupt populace and then turn it against itself.

These ads are there for one reason only to reach a very particular target audience. An audience of desperate, mentally deficient, low to mediocre IQ, victim minded, obedient, morally corrupt psychopaths and robopaths - statists. You see these people all over, they know full well the moral compromises they make, they are there to “pay the bills and feed the kids” while draping their state sponsored terrorism in a flag and fake sentimentality, meanwhile taking perverse pleasure in their revenge against society and the innocent, conveniently ignoring the fact that their “victimization” was at the hands of the very criminal organizations they serve.

While this new generation of establishment loyal fear driven tards are put into position what will happen to the previous generation of state sponsored terrorists? They will move into the private sector and will blend into society as stand up guy/gal/unicorn pillars of the community. All while the sheep don’t care to know or inquire about the psychopathic parasites that dwell next door.

You see it doesn’t matter to the deep state which small minded idiots they employ, be it from the right or the newly created woke left. When you break them down psychologically they are deficient in exactly the same ways, they all fit a very specific psychological profile. A profile that is carefully manufactured through various social engineering and programming tactics. Whodathunk they could turn the antiwar left into this abomination in about 10 years? Sobering idinit?

A Few things for you woketards to remember… first of all you have betrayed humanity and will be committing, aiding and abetting unspeakable crimes against humanity, for which ultimately you will be held accountable for, on a galactic level. Your souls will be null and void, but before that you will have to live through all the evil you committed through the eyes of your victims. Why do you think they are moving you dunces into position? Someone has to take the fall. Second of all don’t forget all victim classes are not created equal, there is a victim master class whose victimhood identity shall not be infringed upon or surpassed, keep an eye out for these shysters as they will be passively calling victim seniority over y’all.

Don’t forget a seized cog in the machine can take down the whole caboodle… :kissing_heart:


MI5-6 too.


This is true! I think all the 5 eyes state sponsored terrorist organizations of the west and corporate establishment is actively pushing this agenda at the very limits of what the public can stomach.


So is she the poster girl for what women should strive to be in todays society, self loving narcissistic and immature, characterless and devoid of wisdom, neurotic and racist, delusional self obsessed haters of men ?


It’s the continued weaponization and promotion of mediocrity as something to strive for. Creating new lines of division through projection.

They need easily mailable and empowered dummies and narcissists, that already have a weaponized view of society thanks to the past 20 years of programming. The CIA studied the Anti-war left’s righteous loathing of Bush era xenaphobes and it shows in the undeniable hijacking of the left.

The new arm bands are masks and the new swastika is a rainbow. They always said America would become a fascists state and it would be flag waving Americans that would bring upon its existence. Little did they realize which flag they would be waving. One thing remains sacred and untouchable … American exceptionalism! This should terrify any thinking person still able to practice that dark and verboten practice, thinking that is.


Can i say that the ultimate goal is to weaponise these lgbts against xristians in future thats why there recruiting now people who have the intolerance & hate mindset.
Its to go after them in end times. I bet.

Well slap me thrice and call me Sally…

I can rant until I’m blue in the face but you just can’t make this shit up! Cry bully tactics 101…

Here is the CIA getting laughed at and called out for this woketard ad all over the place. (It’s not just RT, I just know how much they like RT) One could say a catastrophic PR blunder. So nAturally what does a cry bully do? Why sprinkle a little victimhood glitter on the situation of course. These “people” pull false flags off an sow chaos across the globe, whats a little victimhood false flaggery to balance out the well deserved bad press?

Perhaps a little message to BLM if they should ever surround Langley and demand answers?

Can’t make this up, you really can’t. It so brazen, shamelessly done in our face knowing full well the lemming populace won’t put two and two together. For the public has no idea the value of information. Hence they can be so obvious and desperate as to engage in a knee jerk false flag attack on themselves to boost their fragile reputation. Omg were being called out, quick cough up a false flag loner.

Bernie Focker got it right again, the central lack of intelligence agency indeed!

Then again we had a little incident like this with the FSB at the Lubyanka just last year didn’t we? Hmmm so similar the tactics of spooks and cry bully predators.

In a shock therapy society punished for critical thinking and programmed to mock the very notion of conspiracy (despite a thousand year old history as testament to the contrary) they can do this endlessly and guess what they do!

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