CIA Released collected UFO FILES!

ARCHIVE CD: UFOs: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection - The Black Vault

Since he was 15, John Greenewald (39) has been concerned with the question: What is crawling and fleeing through the universe out there next to us? And what do US secret services from the FBI to NSA to CIA know about aliens, UFOs and artifacts from strange worlds?

For years he fought for the release of secret data sets, sent around 10,000 requests for the US Freedom of Information Act, and collected more than 2.2 million document pages in a gigantic UFO archive. Now he provides the complete CIA data package!

It can be downloaded from his website “The Black Vault”. It is the entire contents of a CD that he received from the US foreign intelligence service in 2020.

According to Greenewald, the disc contains around 2800 pages. “The CIA claims this is their entire collection,” he writes on his website.

Whether that is true cannot be verified, but the interest in the UFO data is enormous. Within just 24 hours, the documents had already been downloaded thousands of times, Greenewald told Vice magazine.

This can only be good for evaluating the flood of data; swarm intelligence should help with the upcoming analysis. “The CIA has made it incredibly difficult to use their records properly,” explains Greenewald.

Many documents can hardly be deciphered; there is a huge mess of hard-to-read scans. In the meantime, however, Greenewald has at least made PDF documents out of the impractical image files originally provided by the CIA, which can be searched fairly easily for certain search terms.

The files deal, for example, with a mysterious explosion in Russia that sparked UFO fear, or with reports of alleged Reich flight discs, the construction plans of which could allegedly have been passed on to the Soviets by the Nazis - as a German chief engineer put it in 1953.

It is well known that the man claimed at the time that there were imperial flying disks and that he saw them fly. Now we also know how the CIA summarized newspaper articles at the time.

Serb leader Radovan Karadžić († 75) also appears: In a CIA report, the author complains that the Pentagon experts have lost sight of the wanted war criminal. The military are said to have no secrets for them on this planet and that they even exchange information with extraterrestrials on a regular basis.

Overall, a lot of whispering is reproduced in the documents, some (like the Karadžić document) only indirectly have an alien reference. But some things, Greenewald is convinced, have what it takes to be a great thriller.

Many documents are censored in several places, some are teeming with black bars. One of Greenewald’s favorite documents describes how the Assistant Deputy Director of the CIA Science Department had a UFO-related item brought into his office - and then issued further instructions, which were, however, blacked out.

Greenewald announced that he would continue to take action against this and other classifications in order to find out the whole truth at some point: What kind of ominous thing was that the Assistant Deputy Director was so interested in, and what happened to it then?

“The public has a right to information,” says UFO enthusiast Greenewald. “It’s about easy access to important material so that people can see for themselves what is going on.”


It’s a real CD :cd: that isn’t in the picture though right?
Cause thats just a picture of a CD with some stuff copy and pasted onto the photo of a CD.

that photo was on the orginal post , if it the orginal photo? i dont know sorry

Okay sorry. I’m checking because if the original poster claims thats the disc then there’s not really much validity.

At the same time, if thats just a made up graphic for fun then the original poster you got it from should probably mention it because it takes all seriousness away from it.

Not trying to be a dink I’m jut trying to explain the way I have to vet things these days because there’s so much crap.



unfortunately like most declassified info anything of importance is left out or blacked out. most likely all bullshit anyways to take focus off something else. maybe one day we will have someone in government give us real info… LMFAO thats just an oxymoron. we all know thats not possible.

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