Confederate General Robert E. Lee Statue Comes Down, Replaced w/ Corrupt, Crack Smoking Mayor Marion Barry Statue!;

You can not make this stuff up!

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Asinine, extremely disgraceful, shameful, and just a product of a vile and bizarre human being! He was an abortion that lived!

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Just seems to me, tear down the “white people” statues…

It’s a KING RACE pissing contest with this sort of thing and all about black black black black black black black…black this…color that… :roll_eyes: :smirk:

Just remember, THE PLAN IS DIVISION.

Sadly, a lot of racist power trip blacks and racist power hungry black groups WILL eat this up as it feels good to them to think they’re better and higher than everyone else.I think they are thinking they are gonna get a WHITE MONEY GATHERER for themselves, Everything being ALL ABOUT BLACK BLACK BLACK anymore and we see where they taking it to.

Eventually what happens??? RACE WAR.

No one race is gonna lay down for the other and I’m not slaving for any racist black’s pocket money. :fu:t2: :fu:t2: :fu:t2: :fu:t2: :fu:t2: :fu:t2:

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you got it exactly right with this is all about division!
kepp that in mind, i bet alot of the people on TV touting this crap are actors, and/or the extreme minority. but to have it be dividing, then need to make it seem like its everywhere, thats why they own the media outlets-to “verify” their propaganda to the masses

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oh its also about rewriting history

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