Container ship "Evergreen" blocking Suez Canal finally freed


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Lets see how long it takes to clear the backlog and also the ports they are going to will be very busy.

This news story is more interesting than we think.

We seem to be observing a “Mandella Effect” in a action.

The name of the ship is being reported incorrectly ie it is not “EverGreen” but “Ever Given”.

Obviously someone in mainstream media got it wrong and sheep street just ran with it.

I daresay the brain decided to see what it expected to see ignoring the real world.

How many errors do our brains make in a lifetime I wonder leading us to not experiencing reality as it actually is ?

I noticed the mail has now corrected the error but it will be interesting to see how many don’t now the non story is over.

Of all the shit that goes on around us , we were all mezmerised by stuck boat carrying our Amazon tat that makes us feel good and exited for 5 minutes of parcel opening.

Now over to Katie ,to see what an amazing Austrailian single mom has engeniously made from baking soda and toe nail clippings.



Evergreen is not its name

We know that it says “Evergreen” and not “Ever Given”. Evergreen is the name of the shipping company that leases the ship. The vessel itself is called Ever Given. Evergreen Marine, a Taiwanese cargo and freight business, has many, many ships.


Yes that is what I said if you think I didn’t.

I didn’t know the company name was Evergreen tho,.

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I just copied and paste from the internet, i was lazy to write :rofl:

But yes, Evergreen is the leasing company from Taiwan (the print on the boat), Ever Given is the name of the boat that was stuck.

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Beached on 3/22. Freed on 3/29 (33) after tug boats pushed the 220,000 ton boat 330ft from the West Bank of the canal. How did Gandalf put it? There is only one nation who benefits from chaos in the Middle East and they do not share power!

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The company name is evergreen and the ship name is ever given. Some just aren’t paying attention.

I shoulda read all the comments before chiming in lol

Its ok, 2 is better than 1

Indeed it is lol

Once one problem gets cleared up another one rears up to take its place


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Lol those russians are always involved

Funny thing is on the back of the ship it says its name and the ships call sign is Killarys nick name H3RC=HERC, LOL c’mon inspection crew!!!

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