Cool unexplainable vids

:pray: :beers:


Definitely more out there than we will ever know, makes you want to break out the infraread cameras and run around so see what you can see…or…hide under the bed and forget about sleeping…forever…


I know right … they say if we really knew what was outside at night we would never go outside !

:pray: :beers:

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That image is so grainy and with photoshop it’s almost impossible to even know what that could be. I hate how everything with wings either has to be a demon or an angel the image is either at down or sundown that could have been a shadow of a bird flying over the camera at the right time.

Or a space alien visiting if you really want to jump down the rabbit hole with a mouth full of lsd :crazy_face: but whatever…

The first video at the 14:45 mark, the light beams

Fascinating :+1:t2::grinning:

Wicked cool stuf!!!

perfect for the season!!!

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the clip of the rake with the red flashlight eyes is too much.

As spooky as It looks I think It Is a palm tree, maybe two palm trees.

I was being sardonic but honestly it looks like two trees that are leaning on eachother more than anything like the foxy black fox above said :sunglasses:

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