Could the Mysteries of Ancient Egyptian technology been in front of us all the while? Check this out

It could just be me but, I dont ever recall seeing this object before in any history books. To me it looks like it was a sealed case or a bag and has been split in half revealing its contents.

The Metasiltstone bowl from ancient Egypt. Was it really a food bowl of some kind or was it something else like a part of a mechanical craft? A bag that is broke? It could even be a casing of a horn of some sort or even a sound device that’s split in half?
Acoustic levitation comes to mind if this is a possibility.

Could the tri-lobe wheel be of a kinetic nature and powered a levitating sound wave?

Can anyone see where I’m coming from in these next 2 pictures?

Could the evidence of lost technologies been in front of us all this time?

This is a very interesting debate about some theories.

I would even go as far to say that the metasilstone actualy looks like the bag that the ancients carried around with them minus the front casing. After all, it was thought that it contained wisdom, knowledge and the tree of life.

What’s your thoughts people?

And anyone else on their thoughts as you can only tag 3 people in any one post at a time. :sunglasses::+1:



Yeah…First Time I’ve Seen That Particular
in First Pic…

My Mind Went Exactly Where Yours Did…

And The Following
Connected The Same Dots…

Things Are Making
More Sense…

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LOL I wanted to tag him him on this as well, but can only tag 3 at a time. If you look, read and watch the clips in sequence order, it should all become clear to everyone. Maybe I’m into something big here. Zahi Hawass wont be pleased :smile:

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Well, the cut away bag is intriguing.
Yes, I agree could be reminescent of the bag that carvings portray.
Its very clear that the carvings represent a time very similar to ours.
Hair, clothing style
Watches, Planes, helicopters, submarines.
Wireless energy…
Its almost as if the anke were like a harmonic remote control.

Also brings to attention the cone shaped item which is portrayed as an edible enlightenment.


YES!! Wow, so it does. Did you check the second video out?

Harmonic Remote Control…

Watched multiple videos of this guy.
Yea acoustic vibration levitation.
Again Tesla, and others found some answers in egypt, and the hymilayas.

Vibration, frequency, harmonics.
We are but just one advancement from unraveling the lost key of this mystery. :sunglasses:

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With precise movement :wink:

It reminds me of something that a water spring splashes down into/onto with a spout to direct the water somewhere as well as stop erosion.

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Yeah, quite possible, I thought similar to that as a possibility as well. Could even be a part of an ancient air conditioning unit. :smile:

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Definitely the shape of an ankh.
However, in ancient Egypt, ankh was pronounced honk - hence the power of sound.
All this time we been using car horns for the wrong reason.
But seriously, I’ve read so many theories regarding the ankh and its meaning and/or purpose it’s all up to interpretation.
This was interesting:

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Good post by the way. I’ve always been curious about the ankh, even got a tattoo of one:

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Thanks SilverFox.
I knew I was onto something when I kept looking through previous images and videos.

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And That Could All Be

Part of a Harmonic System??

Water Air Frequency Geometry

Light Cool Heat

Travel Communicate

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Archaeologists found mercury in an Egyptian tomb dating from 1500 BC. The Egyptians and the Chinese may have been using cinnabar as a red pigment for centuries before the birth of Christ. In many civilizations mercury was used to placate or chase away evil spirits.[quote=“brendace, post:9, topic:4140, full:true”]
Harmonic Remote Control…


You Are Correct

Didn’t Think of That…


After seeing that graphic posted here. Below is my first impression.

You have an area within an area that has a spout.

Could this device been used for filling bags?

You wrap the bag around the center portion and tie it off. Using the spout to pour rice, sand et cetra and for example.

or a scoop? Fill up the ringed inner areas and that represents one (call it what it was back then) wort of stuff.



Could Be…