CoV-2 Forced Vaccine Delivery System (Magnetofection) finally disclosed


Every body should take time watch this. Once again Pfizer are trying to hide data on the effect of there poison on our children. Has there studies show over 80% have had negative side effects. Yet here in the UK they want to push this toxic waste into all our kids.
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Wow!! … Right, I know from previous posts that some of the guys on here have tested the magnet theory using various different magnets and for the most part it was debunked … BUT!

This blows it wide open again!

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I’m keen to see the outcome of this one.


I just talked to one of my teachers…he’s been fully vaccinated. I told him I was more afraid of the vaccine than I was the virus…that every macacque (sp?) they injected died!
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You are very wise not to take this death jab. It’s an experiment, not a tried and true vaccination. I’ve had 4 family members dead after getting the vaccine - all heart attacks. One was a male 51 yo, a fireman and in good health. Got the jab and dropped dead 3 weeks later. Another c-worker in his 20’s got te jab and died - a heart attack - young. The jab is like a tattoo, it’s too late to regret getting one.

Is it not every animal they ever used it on.

I know Cats survived a while…but died eventually

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If the state of emergency ends they won’t be able to administer it
(approved for emergency use only)
So I’ve heard…


If i recall they all died over a period of months. Some was caused by cytokine storms where there immune system turned on the organs and killed them and others of enhanced virus caused when introduced to the wild virus. Either way it was not a good time to be a cat mouse or ferret for those tests.


Or a current Human one, for that matter mate lol😆

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FWIW I just picked up a fridge magnet out of curiosity and found that it sticks to my upper-chest and the top & back of my shoulder blades, and I can even feel a pulling sensation. However I have not had the jab, my body does not contain any medical devices, it does not stick to my arms, head, abdomen or anywhere else.

Edit - This is weird. A 10p coin sticks as well (same pulling sensation).

Has somebody tried a detector? NFC.thingsfuck or something else than magnets, like wet skin and/or fat?

have you been in close contact with a vaxxed person? It sheds. You may have been infected mate

Can you imagine the desperation of the stakeholders when they see these videos, the realisation that millions of people don’t buy their story will lead to inevitable forced measures…

have you been in close contact with a vaxxed person?

Less than a handful of people, none of which had yet had their 2nd jab, and not for prolonged periods of time (< 30 minutes).

interesting, yea I thought the shedding thing to be rumours until I started finding peer reviewed papers on the subject…

Have a solid source of info on the shedding? My father is 83 & the fear got to him so he went & got the shot. I believe it was pfizer. I am basically his care taker so am around him every day.

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