Covid-19 & Variants can be made extinct if 70% of the population took *ivermectin*

At approx 90 minutes in (on Spotify) Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology) confirms with graph chart that Covid-19 & Variants can be made extinct if 70% of the population took ivermectin a cheap generic drug that has been used for decades and considered to be one of the safest drugs out there.
Here is a short clip: Vidyard Recording?

Below is the link to Spotify full episode:


something crazy i dont know what to think of

Meanwhile, Fox News is warning Americans of the new ‘Delta’ variant (just in time for 4th of July). Apparently we already had the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie variants. Just wait until the Echo variant… I bet thing will bounce all over the place. :flushed:


You do of course mean ‘Delta Plus’?

Its upgraded itself in a few weeks …


I think that statement is wholly viable.

And thus the perpetual booster jabs will be justified.

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really messed up. First time in history when it comes to pandemics, the people are actually wanting it to be told to them that it’s deadlier than it actually is. Behind the progressivism movement is a whole bunch of depressed people. deep down. & for the first time in their entire lives, this virus has been THE most important thing that’s ever happened to them


Where do we purchase Ivermectin for human use?

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I just cannot understand how so many people still buy this shit!

I don’t know anyone that died.

I probably interact with 200 people a day.

Not one person I have actually spoke too…has a huge pandemic sorrow.

People that died…Family generally knew they were going too soon.

Sick of it.

PCR…no thanks!

When can I travel and see my Dad?


iam hearing this mixed messaging that delta occures sonetimes very mild . and i dont know why. but i had the narritiv in the back of my head that a virus could mutate less severe. maybe someone here has heard similar data from the uk and is encouraged to post it up.

It does mutate less severe. If… you buy into this.
According to the guy who invented the mRNA vaccine, the jab almost immediately began making mutant strains/variants and the fda/cdc knew this.
These so called vaccines are a cocktail horror show. :rage:


loss of smell isnt anymore so often reported as side effects. cant say it all . havent tastes the virus myself obviously .

headache and runny nose ? as symptoms. hmmm

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Amazon…whether for human or animal all the same…taken by weight. I got mine at Amazon.

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Oh no!!! Headaches and runny noses!!! Better run quickly to your local, experimental, chemical concoction snake oil salesman and get you some gene therapy. Don’t forget to bring your kids…


Whats more dangerous than covid is them tricking healthy people to believe they must do whatever they are told to do in order to keep the weakest of society safe


Also, for variant to exist is an original virus, which for some reason no one can identify as of yet.

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Bull! It’s pharmaceutical companies and hypocritical hypnosis that force feed notions as potions.
The only virus that’s an epidemic is lies of biblical proportions. But if you want to take the obscene vaccine or believe in bollocks I won’t stop you.
‘Truth is my compass…’

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It’s sad for me that two brothers I know bought this crap they’re selling by the shit load, but at least it was their choice not to object to inject.
I choose truth over any petty thug like drink or a drug that can rob you blind of common sense I find.