Covid Lockdown for Holidays - Have Funeral Instead

Have a laugh, cheer up, that will do more good to your body than anything else … except maybe a pet turkey breast in gravy :rofl:


Luv It!..

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I will bring a pie or two.

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I’ll Bring The

Dearly De Parted

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Massive pandemic requires massive funerals, I’ll bring more departed friends, like my friend Porky…heat stroke got him on the beach… he forgot his hat and sun glasses. RIP Porky…

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Lol…Too Funny

I’ll bring the musical entertainment.

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We are going to have our regular Thanksgiving just like every other year. We are not sitting and watching each other on a computer screen while seperated while our Herman Munster governor will have probably 100 friends at his place and not a dang mask in site and no social distancing while he works to divide families.

He can go to hell…no detours, no side roads he can take a 4 lane interstate highway there.


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