Covid/Plandemic/Great Reset/NWO Connecting the Dots

Sorry if this has been shared before. If you’ve not read this article I strongly implore you to do so…

We are at a critical point in our existence.

I don’t intend to go quietly

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… that’s the spirit :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Cheers Cat…I suspect I’ll be seeing a lot of friendly faces from this community on the front lines

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Yes for sure, but our American members will make the biggest noise and take most shrunken heads out.

Yeah you may be right. They’re struggles will mostly be watched by the rest of the world like another Netflix series too enthralling too miss…

Perhaps it’s naive of me but I do reckon there’s a hidden benevolent force yet to show it’s hand…I’m not relying on this thought however. More just wishful thinking

Yes, there are forces beyond our comprehension in it for sure. Ultimate evil and ultimate good entangled in a battle both driven to extreme actions with us in their wake… in dependence which side we choose. I know the bookies, the word is Good beats Evil with 100:1 in the end.

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Choose your side folks. No fence straddlers in this one. You will just get caught in the middle. Good versus evil, corrupt versus law abiding.

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