COVID Vaccines: Why Some Have Adverse Events and Others Don't

Speculation that may prove reality. Look at the dates of this study.

This is a dosage determination study without subjects’ knowledge & that’s why some will be “ok”, some will end up being disabled, & some will die.

So they know who got which doses, who got sick, how many got sick and how many died so far - they have the exact numbers for everything.

This is an experiment, with many of the public as a control group, and they have a record keeping system of who got the real shot, who gets sick only and who dies.

Title says “in Healthy Individuals”, but is it "safe and effective” in people with cancer, MS, Lupus, etc ?

Boosters are also in the protocol - all in plain sight.


Quick answer,

We all different!

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There is another explanation to shhh lol

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I glanced through this and will hang onto it, considering the amount of info. Good find. :+1:

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