COVID19...the Real Truth is.... its a Lie !<

We are being Lied too

It only takes 1 Smart Person to Analyze what’s being told to us

The Corona Virus Lies Explained by 1 Smart Man




We are always being lied to.


Look this , this a another proof

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It is easy to see. In our neighborhood an 85 year old lady had a mini-stroke. She was in hospital and they tested her and said she was positive. Now realize this woman has heart and lung problems. She never ran a fever, never felt any worse than a mini-stroke patient should feel. She never needed oxygen and never gave her meds for the virus.

This is nothing but BS election infection freedom robbing lies. Its the flu. Our hospital near us has not reported one flu death this year so far. Normally there are always a few by this time in the elderly…now zero.

Democrats think we are stupid.

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