Crazy auto insurance surcharge

Today my gf went to courthouse to get tag sticker it had expired a couple months previosly. Well this is tennessee and we were used to turning insurance off if a car was needing fixed as we keep about 3 cars .she was informed of a law or condition of penalty for not having insurence the fee was as we delayed or negected to repair and refit tires as budget and time allowed and hadnt drove said car now the cleck wants115 dollar penalty befor she can get/ buy the sticker even though she had turned on the insurance at inshurance company earlier same day .Just another way to grab money .You could turn insurance off and on untill 2 years ago without being penalized 3 times what the insurance would have costed if left on the few months …just be warned of this scenario

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Sorry to hear that.

That’s just dirty.

That isn’t the case in Canada yet but who knows what will happen.

Thanks guy some places you cant even post anything civil

We have something similar in NY. Welcome to our nightmare. If your insurance expires or u forget to pay it and you dont turn in your license plates THAT GODAM DAY…no one tells you, they just charge you 8$ per day last time i checked. Could be more now per day. its some shady chit.

Another thing they made mandatory here in New York state. Everytime you renew your car insurance(usually once or twice per year) there is like a 25$ fee for the police retirement fund or some chit. U have to pay for that there is no way around it. I argued with my insurance company for an hour and got no place. Why in the fek should i be paying for their retirement? On top of the kushy pension and benefits they already receive when they retire…bull💩!

They wanna “GET YOU” one f@#king way or another, I swear…

Between Biden, our economy,and the way people just put out a hand and WANT WANT WANT has gotten to abysmal levels of negativity.

Welcome to the new America, the place to live AND NEVER GET AHEAD ANYMORE.

Thieves never really “WORK” for their money…do they?

CLEPTOMANIA is spread now much like a rapid mental disease of brain herpes.

It’s such a “WAY OF LIFE” here in the states anymore to “STEAL”, “TAKE” ,“DEMAND” from others in some form or another.

Without turning in the plates they have no idea if your really driving or not. i assume thats the case.

Tell them it was used on a farm it’s a farm car n they can suck ur cock if they ask where how any that they got to suck ur cock for the answer don’t have to have insurance on farm vehicles

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