Crazy Race! Pro Longboarder vs 2021 Lexus IS on Malibu's Deer Creek Canyon Road

Precision driver Rhys Millen in the new Lexus IS and pro longboarder Josh Neuman race to the limit on Malibu’s Deer Creek Canyon Road.

This pro longboarder may look like a 12 year old but doesn’t seem to be phased one bit while doing over 70 mph/100 kmh down this scenic but treacherous road.

Deer Creek Canyon Road

Rhys Millen

Josh Neuman

Rhys Vs Josh Race: Deer Creek Canyon Road

Painful But Entertaining: Josh Neuman


A bazooka should be fired on them as they race


With 25 spike strips to be set off at any time throughout the race… and one loose rhinoceros for entertainment value…yeah definitely entertainment value.

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