Critical Race Theory :: Mom is NOT Happy

These criminals do not want their names to be publicized, yet they hold public positions, working in public schools educating the public posting publicly on social media.


I am from the UK - but good on you, take care

Brill Love keep it up - we need you in the UK .xxxx

communist values

back the blue children

giving out assignments on police murder?? POLICE ARE BAD?



lol. really hard to pick a favorite complaint but I’m gonna have to go with getting mad about having kids research police brutality. wait til schools actually start teaching the basics of marxist economics and political economy instead of sweeping it under the rug like they have been all these years. boomers are going to lose their minds. hahaha it’s all going according to obama’s original communist plan he started as a child growing up in communist kenya where he was BORN!

just kidding, we’ll probably have to keep teaching each other that stuff, and public school will remain a factory to produce docile workers who don’t question things like that. I’d be shocked if they ever let marx anywhere near the public school system. in 6th grade I was taught “communism is when the government owns everything. it works on paper but not in practice” and that was it LMAO

but at least there seems to be some progress in the social issues. nice to see

Been to several council meetings in my town, she was very polite compared to me, and guess what it didn’t matter one bit how hateful I was, or her.

I love that pushback. Make them uncomfortable. Trigger them.




Absolutely AMAZING, she should be the head of the school board. so spot on. at least some people see whats going on.

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Major props. That was so awesome, She went straight for the kill shot when she told them that they were hiding what they were doing like COMMUNISTS. I was like… O shit… hell yeah! Once the mamas start getting ANGRY then it’s game over, son!

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That was a fantastic video, that women has more guts then so many these days, thanks for postin gup its really heartening to watch.

This is akin to the agenda of critical race theory, a huge lie.
Its not worth its own topic but its related to the agenda anyways hope you dont mind me posting here.

Oh look, it isnt a “black:” commentator, only commentator,
if it was a white man,
it would be white racist sexist mysoginist commentator you can bet…

Don’t bother reading the article don’t give them the clicks please they’re a real skum lying website trust me.

Headlies from the worst pos progressive propaganda fake news site in aus.

Sports commentator apologises after threatening to ‘choke’ his female co-host.

See, its just a “male” sports commentator…

A male sports commentator has come under fire after threatening to “choke” his female co-host on-air during a soccer game broadcast.

He gets to apologise, all good, no outrage cancelling either aye???
No sexism racism bigotry comments on him, because hes not white.


Well, I am an educator. I have a certification in teaching. Anyway, with that said, this isn’t all teachers. I don’t believe in talking about sensitive information with children, and I barely share my thoughts or beliefs with adults! I am always mindful for what I say, even when I stump my toe in front of my kids (students). So, to me, this should have been addressed to the school individually. Not to the school board of every local school… She wanted her 15 minutes of fame, end of story!

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