Critical thinking its verboten! Don't go down the rabbit hole - Pied piper NYT orders its brainwashed readership…

Its no secret I despise the NYT, and like I’ve said many times before all I need to know about someone is they are a NYT reader to avoid them like the plague. Yet again the NYT bends over backwards to prove itself a pro-establishment propaganda mouth piece and tool of psychological programing.

The battle against “fake news” and the ever dwindling critical thinking populace continues full speed ahead by the worst fake news and spin masters of propaganda! Things are getting desperate for the corporate establishment. So it follows that the NYT is point blank telling their brainwashed loyal readership to avoid thinking critically and basically just do as told by the establishment MSM…

Naturally the Guardian is not far behind in demonizing conservatives and anti establishment liberty minded folks…

As always Helen Buyniski from RT is calling these criminals out on their schemes…

I certainly wont forget that NYT published this hideous article demonizing target individuals and mind control victims like myself…

This article was published 2 months after my mind control attack and attempted murder in 2016 by organized deep state loyal leftists, after it became clear I would not give in and would continue to speak truth to power. Of course I was gutted when I saw this perfectly timed vile piece of demonization and damage control by an establishment propaganda operation the NYT to cover up for the next level classified technology and mind control/stalking crimes US government. The Russophobic Zionist establishment including the NYT has targeted my family since I was 8. Then again names like Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros do pop up in my families early history in the US, so its a little bigger than just the NYT. We have been familia non grata numero uno for the zionazi deep state shadow regime since my childhood, actually before that even.

I digress, so not surprisingly during a time of panic for the deep state western establishment, we have yet another masterpiece of brainwashing and demonizing propaganda. As a person born in the Soviet Union lemme tell ya Pravda aint shit and it is more blatant than ever before. Yet many establishment lemmings will do the most astounding mental gymnastics not to see their own glaring hypocrisy and parroting of Orwellian propaganda. Most NYT readers consider themselves well educated and highly intelligent individuals, yeah not so much if you ask me. Highly manipulative and establishment loyal psychopaths and robopaths - yes thats more like it. What I like to keep an eye out for is when they post and cite NYT articles in a virtue signaling display of loyalty. Once that happens I know exactly what to expect from that sheep, they never fail to prove me wrong.

But wait thats not all! Now we have Neocon zionist filth Robert Kagan (husband of that eye sore war criminal hag Victoria Nuland) telling establishment lemmings opposing endless wars is an example of their intolerance…

Seriously you cant make this up! The desperate manipulation is in our face, only the truly willfully blind and complacent chose not to see.

Isnt it ironic that the NYT, that is a damage control propaganda mouth piece for the greatest conspiracy ever, has an established a history of anti-conspiracy demonization and decades of pro Zionist Russophobia? It don’t look good, nish geet as you people say.

So how severe is their deperation? Plandemic - check. Weaponization of race relations - check. Gender hysteria - check. Demonization of all things “normal” - check. Obviously the establishment loosing control of the narrative, the question is what will they do next? They are grasping at straws as their empire of lies crumbles beneath their feet, like a rabid rat backed into a corner, thrashing and lunging at all who approach the truth. Their track record of provoking and driving the public to war speaks for itself. So a question to all you establishment loyal sheep, will you let your elites provoke and prod you into war?

When will Americans develop the necessary sixth sense to sniff out these weasels and free themselves from their crimes and control?

They don’t even bother hiding their schemes in a society of cognitive invalids.


Meant to put it into society, wont let me change it after the fact.

im right there with you on the JYT being shyt.
as for the guardian, weren’t they the ones who broke the story of edward snowden?
i must say i enjoy a bit of RT. with you being russian, what is your opinion on RT?

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I have been a big fan of RT since the beginning, though I also have my criticisms. Mainly that they can be corny posers as Russians often are and it shines through, they have overcome this to a great extent but it really was obvious in the beginning and the 2010s. They were trying to cater to a hip and hop young audience and it was cringe worthy. They do a fantastic job of dropping truth bombs on the west and exposing them. What they don’t do is cover the same level of corruption if not worse in Russia. The hypocrisy of RT does not go unnoticed. At the end of the day it is run by the Russian government by some truly unpleasant people. I can’t look at Kiselyov’s face and not see a demon. Simonyan, let’s just say I treat with great suspicion Armenians anywhere near the halls of power and control in Russia, and I have Armenian blood in me.

Fact of the matter is they are a part of the same machine as MSM in many ways. It is indeed possible to be too woke for RT. They deleted 240 of my posts and kept 6 comments, 66 symbolic much? Let’s just say when you expose the Russian governments mind control crimes especially in coordination with Americans, RT will do what their masters tell them to. Somethings are too much for the nation vs nation programmed public to even begin to grasp. What caused this egregious act of mass censorship without my consent? I called Hillary Clinton a cunt. That’s right RTs official reason for censoring me was offending Hillary Clinton. I damn near spat out my coffee when I read their explanation. They also did this days after I landed back in the US. Most of the time when I posted I was hit with sound harassment immediately upon or after posting. So like a Lamborghini or a G wagon (Geleek as the Rooskies call em) would accelerate loudly outside my window. On top of that the cryptic and threatening comments were quite interesting. RT deleted all that evidence, but I still got it! RT is just as bad as the big tech masters of censorship, you just have to push the right buttons. RT I am sorry to say is a part of my gang stalking psyop.

In fact very soon people will start realizing that most big tech telecom and media companies are a part of that conspiracy, it’s actually more than just a conspiracy it is a very real control matrix and a most sinister crime.

With that said I really enjoy reading RT, as far as reporting in the dirty deeds of the west, they do a fantastic job! Sadly we don’t have an outlet in the west to expose Russia’s dirt. What we see is nothing of worth and the reason the west won’t expose the filth in Russia is two fold: first it is in their best interest that the corruption in Russia continues to eat away at the moral fabric of society and second all the corrupt elites are essentially their people inside, an entire social elite who are fifth column traitors to their country. Most westerners don’t realize that Russia truly is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma", not with a ten foot pole should every day citizens voice their ignorant opinions on this Pandora’s box. And the brain dead left has embraced Russophobia whole heartedly, a fatal mistake… In fact what they have done is adopt the tactics of Zionists, blame others what you are guilty of, demonize all who you oppose with the most vile vitriolic hate, play the victim card, in fact create new victim classes when the old ones have been exhausted, and finally use monetary economic terrorism to punish those who they have demonized. It not rocket science with a brain dead public incapable of critical thinking (and by the way it’s a mental crisis), it easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So for everyday people looking to detox from the propaganda MSM machine in the west RT is very good. Dig deep enough and you’ll find the limits of their tolerance for free speech lickity-split.

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