Cyber warfare with hired Trolls

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Considering that it is a very top drawer tool of the radicals to accuse someone else of what they themselves do, I would think it is more likely that you are the troll…


Oh boy, we got a new screen name to add to the list…


Danny’s been around for a while.

Unless Danny’s playing the long game… the extremely long game, which I would give him kudos for if so.

His need to go on the defensive has only really started when the troll accounts came lurkin’.
Before that you’d see him in the occasional keyboard war over the a ‘Religion’ post maybe but thats about it.

Sounds like you may be trying to run a Democrat play on us here.


That guy post over 10x a day an ya I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been playing the long game , trolls are pretty easy to identify 1 they are very aggressive and try to get to you to exceed your post by using many different accounts all arguing the same aggressive threat 2 they have thousands of threads a year and usually over 50 a day 3 they hide into the shadows once called out and try to disappear only to say the same rhetoric each time which Danny does do . He’s a troll just follow the numbers an also has claimed to be part of a gang called 6 w.e that white power group is

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Great strategy… accuse others of what you are guilty of… counter insurgency 101


Yeah… he isn’t the only one… the people he is always debating are on just as frequently as him… how come no suspicions about them eh?


It’s weird, I feel that some individuals go online and interact with other people from all over the world and expect them all to have a similar mind set as them and share beliefs that they do too, and when they find someone who don’t think that way, they get upset and offended and start accusing them of being this, that or whatever.

Point being, even if Danny or whoever you’re accusing of being a Troll is one, so what? If you go on a public forum and don’t get on with someone or like their opinion, just don’t interact with them, block them, don’t engage…it’s a really simple thing to-do and it doesn’t need a pointless thread like this, which is actually doing the one thing you accuse others of, by filling the site up with pointless, baiting, finger poking waffle…

So yeah, just block who you don’t like and don’t get upset if people say stuff which offends you. That’s on you buddy, no-one else… :beers:


You sound like Constitut-analist!!!
Also confirmed by calling yourself B_C you Big Cock!!!


That is exactly what I do… most of them don’t realize I have blocked them though… I get hidden responses all the time lol… the people that care are the people that need an audience… those people are the paid trolls.

The author of this article is going into my block list as well.


Danny is what he seems
Ex mason, with knowledge of masonry
Born again.

He holds up the ball most christians drop.

He couldn’t be playing long game. He has said too much. Without the grace of God the murderous masons would have killed him allready. That is one of more that 15 dam good reasons to trust danny. A agent, agentures or manchurian would break


Well having joined twatter in July 2014 to find out the truth behind the shooting down of flight MH17 in Ukraine. I soon learned how to spot trolls. And has i began to help in identifying who was responsible, my did those trolls show themselves. Especially when i found the link to show it was a Russia SA11 BUK from the 53rd air defence brigade. Now there are trolls on all sides and they showed themselves when i showed i was Pro Leave in the EU referendum of 2016. Those who supported me against the trolls then turned against me. And i endded up been booted off twitter by pro EU trolls. Now the morale of this whole story is the fact trolls exist on all sides. And in general only push on certain things. And for the time i jave been here @Danny_28764 has been an all rounder involved in a number of topics adding substance to a conversation. Unlike some on here who do NOTHING more then troll people. And then have the brass balls to accuse them of harassment. I believe the idea of this site is to discuss matters that are of a conspiracy mysteries nature space ect and to converse without trolls needing to be here. The fact so many of late are showing up on here leads me to ask questions one been is with what we openly and freely talk about on DTV become a sauce of concern for those in high power? And has such have released their minions to stiffle and confusing of talking points. And to try and steer the conversation away from what is the truth? Just has the troll network known has fancybear from russia was doing to hide there guilt in the murder of 298 men women and children?


Seems as though Danny is part of that algorithm that pins posts…good on ya mate :wink:

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@Danny_28764 must’ve really hurt your butt. IDK, danny has always seems like a level headed guy who speaks his mind and stands his ground. I really like his input here on Dtv.

Probably the ONLY thing I disagree with Danny is the existence of other life beyond our world. But that’s the difference I guess, we can agree to disagree. :slight_smile: and he’ll still have my utmost respect.

I think I may start using this block feature after I study some Aerospacenautics after consuming some shrooms at band practice. @redstarrblack


I’m not hurt I am just calling a duck a duck and he is no mason they wouldn’t waste their time on here. Danny spreads misinformation and bigotry period. An all his comments are nothing threats and attempts to bully so yes I have come to the defense of others speaking their idea of what is true just as I have my ideas as does Danny . The difference is we don’t attack or threaten we just say what’s true which infuriates them more. Danny probably has multiple accounts so if you think for a second a guy on here for years doesent then I can’t make you see the Forrest. Most of the people who come his defense are very much like minded so ya…


Ya you would be correct almost a foot long jealous much

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Danny has not been here that long.
Max a couple of years most likely 12 to 18 months.

He came here after being banned on GLP.

Follows me around writes all kinds of crap, has me on ignore so he does not have to deal with his butthurt.

Has brought the standard of discussion down, a very poor excuse for a Christian, the type that shames the rest and the faith.

B_C you are exactly right. Bang on the money.

Danny and his click of haters have hounded good members from the forum for daring not to believe in his brand of religious insanity. MrZorg comes to mind.


It says you made your account 2.5 weeks ago. I really don’t think you’ve been here long enough to form such an opinion. Unless yours is a multiple account, trying to stir the pot.


Then I’m a troll, too.
Bwahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: