David Icke Predicting The Covid Hoax A Decade Before It Happened

Subtly calls out the zionist jews by referring to cattle which is what goyim means.


Covid “hoax” ?

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Go get your shot. Don’t wait.


yea if you wanna crave flesh and turn rabid


Your video didn’t play for me… I do not doubt that Mr. Icke predicted it and probably wished, he would be proven wrong… Sadly, he has been right on the money about a good number of topics…


Fantastic find.
I see it’s off YouTube and pretty much all social media.

I’ve been trying to download it…but it won’t let me.

Strangely I’ve even done the screen recorder app…and it doesn’t play right.

Save save save…before it completely disappears.

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No audio for me

Lol scrap that, my bad :joy:

Or you can just watch one of his tours on yt or you know buy a copy online :roll_eyes: which explains it all

The topic video is working now. :point_up_2:
Adding this below as well seems relevant.

Covid originated in italy…Educate yourselves…

Sometimes chinese tell the truthy strait facts


Vid still not playing???

Hasn’t this guy already turned into a lizard and went to live with his overlords yet?

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Go get your shot. Dont wait.

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FÎĽ cking Ridiculous.

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Don’t threaten me with a good time.

You should get your vaccination this week.

It did not originate in Italy.

The lancet is the official medical journal articles are peer reviewed.
but i presume that you rather believe anything but real scientific research.


Do not try to read and understand…maybe you just cant.


It’s a lie and you are allowing yourself to be duped, but I don’t really care.