Dead Sea scroll fragments discovered in remote desert cave

Israeli archaeologists have unearthed two dozen Dead Sea scroll fragments from a remote cave in the Judean Desert, the first discovery of such Jewish religious texts in more than half a century.

“For the first time in approximately 60 years, archaeological excavations have uncovered fragments of a biblical scroll,” the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said in a statement.

New fragments belong with ‘Cave of Horror’ finds

The roughly 80 new pieces are believed to belong to a set of parchment fragments found in a site in southern Israel known as the “Cave of Horror” — named for the 40 human skeletons found there during excavations in the 1960s — that also bear a Greek rendition of the Twelve Minor Prophets, a book in the Hebrew Bible. The cave is located in a remote canyon around 40 kilometres south of Jerusalem.

The IAA said the scrolls it found were Greek translations of the books of Zechariah and Nahum from the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets and were radiocarbon-dated to the second century AD.

The name of God is written in Hebrew.


How convenient. I bet it says something about end times happening right now :rofl:


Here’s some more information on the find -

2,000-year-old biblical texts found in Israel, 1st since Dead Sea Scrolls - The Jerusalem Post (

They also found a 6000 yr old skeleton of a child as well as a perfectly in tact basket that dated to 10,000 years old. I presume this cave must have been a common “stash” spot because there’s a huge discrepancy in the dates of various items. Seems a little odd to me that there would items in the same cave that vary in age so much.


Take a look at the Book of Enoch. Lots of context in there.

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